Lin-Manuel Miranda teases adapting Encanto into a Broadway show

10 February 2022, 13:00

Lin-Manuel Miranda reacts to success of Encanto soundtrack

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Will Encanto be turned into a Broadway musical? It sounds like it might be a possibility...

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Encanto on Broadway? Maybe not in the immediate future but it sounds like it might be a very plausible possibility thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda's latest comments.

Since its November 2021 release, the animated Disney hit has been breaking records left, right, and centre with its incredible soundtrack. Fans still can't get enough of the movie itself and the demand for more stories from the world of Encanto has been steadily mounting.

With the likes of Frozen, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King all dominating on Broadway and in the West End, it seems like Encanto is now rising to the top of the 'Disney Movies That Need To Be Adapted Into A Stage Musical' list. And Lin-Manuel Miranda sees the vision, too.

Will Encanto come to Broadway? Lin-Manuel Miranda says it "lends itself" to the stage
Will Encanto come to Broadway? Lin-Manuel Miranda says it "lends itself well" to the stage. Picture: Walt Disney Pictures, MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

In an interview with E! News, Lin shared his thoughts behind the possibility of adapting Encanto for a Broadway production.

"I think it weirdly lends itself well," he said. "They don't always, you know? Like, I can't picture a Moana Broadway musical. I don't know how you'd do the ocean."

He then went on to explain that he's pretty much got the big Broadway finale number in the bag if it does end up happening one day: "My first draft of the last song in the movie, 'All of You,' was like seven minutes long. It was so late in production that they were like, 'Lin, we won't make the movie in time. You actually have to cut this down.' So I've got the Broadway finale like in the chamber."

As well as a Broadway adaptation, Lin also expressed that he'd love to get the chance to contribute to the expansion of the Encanto universe via a follow-up film or Disney+ series: "There's so many stories in that house, that it would be wonderful to expand on it."

Honestly? Yes, to all the above. We'll take it all. Broadway show, TV series, Encanto 2. Everything. Inject it!

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Earlier this week (Feb 8), Encanto picked up three Oscar nominations for Best Animated Feature, Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

'Dos Oruguitas' is joined in the Best Original Song category by Beyoncé's 'Be Alive' and Billie Eilish's 'No Time To Die', as well as 'Down To Joy' from Belfast and 'Somehow You Do' from Four Good Days. (If the song wins, Lin-Manuel Miranda will finally complete his EGOT.)

And once Encanto has conquered the Oscars... it's only a matter of time before it conquers the Tony Awards.

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