Dylan and Cole Sprouse hacked on Twitter with sexual and racist comments

18 June 2019, 13:16


By PopBuzz

Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse's Twitter accounts were hacked this week. The hacker posted inappropriate comments about Lili Reinhart as well as the 'n' word.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse were hacked on Twitter yesterday (June 17) just days after fellow Disney Channel alum Bella Thorne also had her private details leaked on the platform. Fans noticed that Cole and Dylan had been hacked after their accounts began sharing inappropriate sexual and racist comments.

The hacker shared a sexual comment about Cole's Riverdale co-star and girlfriend Lili Reinhart. They also tweeted the 'n' word from Dylan Sprouse's account.

Fans reacted to the shocking and unusual statements coming from the accounts.

Dylan's girlfriend, model Barbara Palvin, tweeted from Japan that they were working on "recovering the account" after the hack. Dylan also updated his fans on the situation a little bit later.

The messages have since been deleted from both Cole and Dylan's Twitter feeds.

Some people guessed that the person behind this hack might also be responsible for hacking Bella Thorne's account last week.

Prior to Bella Thorne being hacked, Victorious actress Victoria Justice had her Twitter account hacked, too. The perpetrators also posted racial slurs during both of those hacks.

This isn't the first time Cole Sprouse has been hacked. Last year, Cole was hacked on Twitter, while his girlfriend Lili Reinhart was targeted too, in a spate of attacks just days apart.