Dylan O'Brien says he's open to returning to Teen Wolf in the future

3 August 2022, 14:52

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davies has already teased that there could be more Teen Wolf films after this year's movie.

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Dylan O'Brien has opened up about Teen Wolf and whether he would ever return to it after declining to appear in the movie.

Last year, Teen Wolf fans were sent fans into shambles after Paramount announced a new Teen Wolf movie with the original cast. However, Stiles actor Dylan O'Brien broke hearts when he revealed that he would not be coming back. Explaining his decision to Variety, Dylan said: "I just decided it was left in a really good place for me and I still want to leave it there."

Now, Dylan has spoken more about not taking part in the Teen Wolf movie and let slip that he could return in the future.

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Dylan O'Brien says he's open to returning to Teen Wolf in the future
Dylan O'Brien says he's open to returning to Teen Wolf in the future. Picture: Cindy Ord/Getty Images, MTV

Following the Teen Wolf cast's recent appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, rumours surfaced that Dylan may secretly have a cameo in Teen Wolf: The Movie. However, Dylan has since denied those rumours. Speaking to Decider, he said: "Comic-Con is so stitched into our hearts, so it was so cool to see them back up there on a panel again, now doing the movie."

Dylan continued: "It’s all happened so fast. It’s like so crazy to me that it already feels like it’s coming out. I love those guys. Tyler, it cannot be accurately stated like what we mean to each other, and what that show was for us. It was our school, it was our home, it was like so much for us. It’ll forever be incredibly meaningful to me."

He ended by saying: "It was tough to come to the decision that I came to, but I do think I came to the one that was most true to myself right now. And I can’t wait to watch it."

Dylan O’Brien Hasn’t Ruled Out a TEEN WOLF Return (Exclusive)

However, this doesn't mean that Dylan won't return to Teen Wolf in years to come. Chatting with Extra TV, Dylan said: "As far as the future goes, I don't know what the plan is beyond this movie. I know I'm not a part of this one and I'm not sure I'll be part of anything going forward but I don't rule anything out until I'm faced with the decision."

A Teen Wolf spin-off with Sarah Michelle Gellar is currently in the works and showrunner Jeff Davies recently teased at San Diego Comic-Con that more of the original show could be on its way. He said: "There is discussion of doing more. That depends on you guys — everybody sign up for Paramount+."

In other words, it's possible that Dylan will return as Stiles one day.

What do you think? Would you like Dylan to return as Stiles?

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