Dylan O'Brien's new look has sent fans into meltdown

30 November 2022, 17:08

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Dylan is set to appear in the upcoming movie 'Ponyboi'.

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Seems like only yesterday when everyone was thirsting over bleach blonde Dylan O’Brien in Not Okay… Now everyone’s going absolutely feral over his latest look.

In case you're not keeping up with Dylan's latest career moves, the actor has been busy filming his upcoming movie Ponyboi in New Jersey. For the role, Dylan has made a few changes to his everyday look and apparently a lot of people are really into it.

A new photo of Dylan (shared by @thetalkingeliteshow on Instagram) sporting a buzzcut, shaved eyebrow and shaped goatee beard has gone viral with over 100,000 likes and 15,000 retweets – and let’s just say that the replies and quotes tweets are absolutely out of control.

Dylan O'Brien's look for new movie Ponyboi has got fans shook
Dylan O'Brien's look for new movie Ponyboi has got fans shook. Picture: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images, @britrischitta via Instagram

In reply to the viral tweet, one user wrote: “This man has done it for me ever since teen wolf, like I’m on my KNEES…” Another added: "LAWWWDDD THIS MAN IS FINE"

And a third simply replied: "Unholy thoughts."

WELL THEN! As previously mentioned, Dylan’s new look is all for his latest role in upcoming film Ponyboi, where he appears opposite former You star Victoria Pedretti, Pose's Indya Moore and newcomer River Gallo. According to behind-the-scenes photos, Dylan will be playing a character called Vincenzo.

No other details have been released about his character just yet, but other snaps shared by the cast and crew on social media show him covered in blood in one scene. (via @britrischitta)

Earlier this year, Dylan finally responded to the internet's undying thirst and admiration for him in a couple of interviews.

In BuzzFeed's Thirst Tweets video, Dylan shared his appreciation for fans' comments, calling the spicier tweets "an art, and it’s an art that I appreciate."

Responding to one tweet wishing Maze Runner Dylan would "break my back like a glow stick," Dylan burst out laughing and added: "F*ck. I love that one..."

On a more wholesome note, Dylan also recently reacted to his status as the "internet's boyfriend". Speaking to Bustle, Dylan said: "It’s so funny, my palms are sweating. It’s overwhelming [and] it’s wonderful. It’s just gnarly to think about little me having this really special thing happen."

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