Dylan Minnette Has A Moustache Now And It's Lowkey A Look

10 July 2018, 17:49

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Turning looks, stunting pretty...

Dylan Minnette is best known for his incredible performance as Clay Jensen in Netflix's hit series 13 Reason Why. Ever since the controversial show first aired in 2017 people have praised the 21-year-old on his incredible acting chops.

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Not only that but Dylan has been working as an actor for over 10 years in films like Goosebumps and Don't Breathe as well series including Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. He's also one of the singers and guitarists of the alternative rock band Wallows and he's nothing short of hilarious on social media too. It's safe to say that we stan him.

Dylan Minnette
Dylan Minnette. Picture: Instagram // Netflix

Take yesterday for example. Dylan took to Instagram to share a new picture of his latest look and joke with his fans. In it the teen heartthrob sports a moustache for the first time and we can confirm that Dylan with a moustache is everything that we hoped it would be and more. Well, it's a little light on the hair side but no less adorable and Dylan poked fun at it with the amazingly blunt caption: "yeah no it didn’t last long".

You can see the stylish 'tache in all of its glory here.

yeah no it didn’t last long

A post shared by Dylan Minnette (@dylanminnette) on

In spite of all of the hilarity, we actually think that this look kind of suits him. Dylan may spend most of his time clean shaven but he can rock a moustache too. The budding young talent has grown out his facial hair many times before but this is the only instance he's been seen publicly sporting a 'tache. Hopefully next time, he'll wear it a little bit longer.

We will make sure to update you with any more Dylan Minnette moustache related news as and when there is any.