What weapon is Gendry making Arya in Game of Thrones?

22 April 2019, 12:41

Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Some girls want custom-made, designer dresses - others want a specially-made spear to fight White Walkers.

Winter is here - and so is the Night King and his Army of the Dead.

Never one to miss out on the action, Arya Stark is getting geared up to kill herself some muthereffin' White Walkers. So, it's only natural that her beau Gendry makes her a special weapon to compliment her already impressive arsenal.

As Gendry pored over a hot forge, creating weapons out of dragonglass, Arya Stark comes along and asks the Baratheon bastard to make her a special weapon she's designed. But what was it exactly? Let's have a look...

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Gendry completed Arya's weapon and handed it to her in the latest episode
Gendry completed Arya's weapon and handed it to her in the latest episode. Picture: HBO

What weapon is Gendry making Arya?

The young Stark assassin passed blacksmith Gendry a detailed sketch of the custom weapon she wishes him to make for her.

As she does so, Gendry points out she's already got Needle, a Valyrian steel sword and a nice looking dagger (the same one which Littlefinger used in his attempt to kill Bran Stark in season 1. To which Arya pretty much responds, "And??"

The drawing is of a dragonglass spear, which has an arrow-head tip and what looks like an adjustable handle. The two portions of the spear are separated in the drawing, with an arrow pointing to the base, illustrating she wants there to be a clasp where the tip screws onto the handle.

One would assume that Arya wants the choice of using it as a spear, a dagger or a batten (very reminiscent of the one that was used to beat her when she was training with the Faceless Men).

Arya's drawing of the weapons she wants Gendry to make her
Arya's drawing of the weapons she wants Gendry to make her. Picture: HBO

How will Arya use the weapon in season 8?

Arya Stark clearly has a plan up her sleeve and has asked Gendry to make her the dragonglass spear for a reason.

While we're not 100% sure what her motive is yet for the spear, we've got a few ideas about how it could be used.

Firstly, Arya could be hoping to take down the Wight dragon that Bran saw while warging. It would be quite poetic, as the Night King used his own spear to kill the beast in the first place.

Alternatively, she could simply be wanting a range of weapons to defend herself and mankind - let's face it, Needle has done her well throughout the show, but it would look a bit puny against the Night King. The dagger Bran gifted her is snazzy and we're sure she'd do some harm with it, but that would depend on her being close to the enemy - likewise with the sword.

In season 8, episode 2, we saw her practice her archery, so it would seem like she'll also try and attack with White Walkers with arrows, offering a wink to the season 1 premiere, when she hit a bullseye while Bran was training.

One thing's for sure - Arya's not going down without a fight!