Daniel Kaluuya wants to remake classic British cop drama with John Boyega

29 January 2020, 14:40

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

John Boyega might have suggested Bad Boys 4, but Daniel Kaluuya has other ideas for their on-screen team up.

Daniel Kaluuya and John Boyega. Two brilliant British actors who have yet to join forces on screen...UNTIL NOW. Maybe.

Last week (22 Jan), Star Wars star Boyega responded to a tweet from film critic Rebecca Theodore-Vachon asking whether or not he'd be down to star in Bad Boys 4. His reply, ("Call Kaluuya! We can hold it down in the UK,") then left everyone in the replies absolutely dying for the two to team up.

"Boyega and Kaluuya in a buddy cop movie is something I need immediately. Maybe get Idris as the villain?" said one user. "On some real shit I need you and Daniel Kaluuya to do a project together," said another.

So, when Kaluuya stopped by PopBuzz HQ to talk about the UK release of his new film Queen & Slim (also starring Jodie Turner-Smith, who gives an incredible performance alongside him), we asked him about it...

So, does Daniel Kaluuya accept John Boyega's call for a team up in the next Bad Boys movie? (If there is one, of course...)

"Someone texted me about this the other day. But not that. Maybe? Maybe..." he said of Boyega's Bad Boys 4 suggestion. "Would I do Bad Boys 4?...It would be funny though. I'd consider it, yeah. But I think there's another one, there's another one."

Kaluuya then went on to hum the theme tune to The Professionals (not The Sweeney, as mentioned in the clip, but to be fair they're pretty similar and both iconic, so you catch his drift.) Thinking about the dream project he'd like to work on with Boyega, he then suggested remaking a classic British cop drama.

He continued: "I wanna remake like an old school British TV show in to a film. That's what I would do. That would be fun... A Michael Caine situation or like, The Italian Job or something."

For those not in the know, The Professionals ('77-'83) and The Sweeney ('75-'78) are two British crime-action television dramas. The former features two CI5 agents who sometimes use illegal methods to beat criminals, while the latter is about two members of the Met Police's Flying Squad who specialise in armed robbery and violent crime in London.

Either way, you get the idea. Kaluuya and Boyega? Together? In a British cop drama? Absolute madness. Someone make sure this gets made ASAP.

Watch the full clip above and stay tuned for Daniel Kaluuya's full interview on the PopBuzz YouTube channel.