Cursed season 2: Release date, cast, spoilers and news about the Netflix series

18 July 2020, 19:00

Katherine Langford opens up about filming Cursed

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Will there be a Cursed season 2 on Netflix? Here's everything you need to know about the future of the Katherine Langford series.

Cursed may have only just debuted on Netflix but fans are already asking the service to release another season of the show.

As soon as Netflix announced that they would be releasing Cursed, there was huge hype around it. A fantasy series inspired by the story of Arthur but told from the perspective of Nimue with Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why, Love, Simon) in the lead role? Sign us up. Nimue is, of course, the Lady of the Lake, and Cursed explores Nimue's life before she became her.

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With the first season of Cursed out, demand for season 2 is rising quickly. With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about Cursed season 2, including the release date, cast, trailer, spoilers and exciting news about what's to come.

When does Cursed season 2 come out on Netflix?

Cursed season 2: Release date, cast, spoilers and news about the Netflix series
Cursed season 2: Release date, cast, spoilers and news about the Netflix series. Picture: Netflix

Will there be a Cursed season 2?

As it stands, Netflix haven't made any official statements about renewing Cursed for a second season. That's not a bad sign though. Netflix often wait up to two months before renewing their shows no matter how popular they are. Whether or not Netflix choose to renew Cursed should become clear in the coming weeks.

When is the Cursed season 2 release date?

Given that Cursed is yet to be renewed, there isn't a season 2 release date just yet. Not to mention, Netflix usually wait until weeks before dropping shows to announced when they will come out. That being said, Netflix often release new seasons on an annual basis, so season 2 could drop as soon as July 2021.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Cursed season 1. Read at your own risk!

What will happen in Cursed season 2?

Cursed season 1 ends in suitably dramatic fashion. The season 1 finale sees Nimue lead her people, the Fey, against the Ice King, the Vikings and Father Carden and the Red Paladins. She is captured but The Widow (Morgana) saves her. She gives Nimue the Sword of Power and Nimue slays Carden.

Arthur then plans to overthrow the Ice King. However, just as it looks as though the Fey have victory, Iris shoots Nimue with two arrows at the Rabbit Narrows and she plummets into the raging river below. Merlin then uses the Sword of Power to murder every Red Paladin he sees.

With Nimue now wounded and seemingly dead in the river, it looks like season 2 will see her transform into the Lady of the Lake and tell the story of Arthur that's usually told in TV and cinema. That being said, we wouldn't be shocked if Cursed adapts the legend.

Who will be in the Cursed season 2 cast?

Even though it looks like Nimue is dead at the end of Cursed season 1, she still has to fulfil her destiny as Lady of the Lake. In other words, we have no doubt that Katherine Langford will be back to play her in season 2. It also seems definite that Devon Terrell (Arthur), Gustaf Skarsgård (Merlin) and the rest of the main cast will be back except for those who died.

Is there a Cursed season 2 trailer yet?

There's no Cursed season 2 trailer at the moment. However, we shall update you as soon as there is.