Cole Sprouse just roasted Dylan's new facial hair on Instagram

30 July 2019, 15:48

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Because you can always count on your siblings to be brutally honest with you.

Dylan Sprouse and brother Cole Sprouse are known for their internet banter. But, when it came time for Cole to comment on his twin's new facial hair, Cole delivered a truly savage response.

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Basically, the Sprouse boys have a long history of ripping each other about their ability to grow facial hair.

Dylan Spouse and Cole Sprouse attend the Premiere Of "Five Feet Apart".
Dylan Spouse and Cole Sprouse attend the Premiere Of "Five Feet Apart". Picture: Frazer Harrison/Staff, @dylansprouse via Instagram

In 2013, Dylan described his facial fuzz level as "newborn dwarf". Meanwhile, Riverdale actor Cole once said his moustache resembled a "grandma that just doesn't care anymore".

By 2017, the obsession with being beardy hadn't died down for Dylan or Cole. Cole tweeted: "If your mustache looks like pubes, shave it off my dudes," and tagged his brother in the post. Ouch.

So, when Dylan headed on Instagram to talk facial hair, you just knew Cole would have something to say. Dylan shared a picture of his, um, moustache (which has since been deleted) glistening in the sun, alongside the caption: "Shame this facial hair in three words."

Dylan Sprouse Instagram photo.
Dylan Sprouse Instagram photo. Picture: @dylansprouse via Instagram

Of course, Cole commented beneath the post: "What facial hair?" I-

Eh, if you can't roast your brother, who can you roast?

Cole Sprouse Instagram comment.
Cole Sprouse Instagram comment. Picture: @dylansprouse via Instagram

It wasn't just Cole, though, soon loads of people chimed in with some hilarious responses, including Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress Kiernan Shipka. She simply commented: "ha ha ha."

Kiernan Shipka Instagram Comment.
Kiernan Shipka Instagram Comment. Picture: @dylansprouse via Instagram

Other comments, captured by BuzzFeed, included: "Are those pubes?" "Deadbeat dad vibes", "Fire pubes bro", and a personal fave, "Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics".


Well, he did kind of ask for it.