Chic Cooper Is Finally On "Riverdale" And Everyone Is Losing It Over This ONE Scene

18 January 2018, 12:16

Chic Cooper
Picture: CW/FOX
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Betty, you in danger, girl.


Ladies and gentlemen, Chic Cooper has landed. Fans got their first taste of Hart Denton's Chic, as Riverdale's January opener picked up where its mid-season finale left off.

Riverdale has been teasing the return of Betty's long lost brother for months and it's clear that fans had a lot of FEELINGS about the newest addition to the Cooper clan.

Everyone agreed that Chic's first on screen appearance was a MOMENT.

But, right now, people aren't quite sure if Chic is playing for the good guys or if he's on the dark side.

It was the final scene of the episode, however, that had people TRULY freaking out.

Chic watching Betty from the doorway of her bedroom had fans wondering if the girl next door was about to be the girl next dead (sorry!).

Chic Cooper
Picture: Netflix/Riverdale

We have SO many questions. Is Chic Cooper evil? Is this a classic Riverdale writer's room misdirect? Could Chic be the REAL black hood? Is Chic actually FP's other son?

We need answers, Riverdale. You're toying with our heads.