'13 Reasons Why' Have Created Instagram Accounts For LOADS Of Characters

9 May 2018, 16:33

Alex Standall - 13 Reasons Why
Alex Standall - 13 Reasons Why. Picture: Netflix
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Alex Standall, played by Miles Heizer, is "alive and well-ish" in his first Instagram story.

13 Reasons Why's promo campaign for season two is in full swing ahead of its May 18th release date and now they have created new Instagram accounts for most of the characters on the show.

At present, only Alex Standall's (played by Miles Heizer) and Jessica Davis' (played by Alisha Boe) profile is set to public. The rest are private. Alex's profile does, however, give several clues to his story line in the forthcoming season.

Fans Think This Clue In The "13RW" Trailer Means Tyler Carries Out A School Shooting

As fans of the show will remember, in episode 12, we see that someone has been shot in the head and is being taken to the hospital in the back of the ambulance. In the final episode, Mr. Porter tells Liberty High that it was Alex and that he remains in critical condition at the hospital. It left many wondering whether Alex is still alive.

Judging from this new Instagram account, Alex survived.

Really into the hospital decor.

A post shared by Alex Standall (@alex.standall) on

My new wheels.

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Welcome to my life now.

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Some good news, in a 13 Reasons Why storyline? It's truly a miracle.

In an Instagram story named 'I'm Back', Alex says he's "alive and well...ish" and that "I've been keeping pretty busy with rehabing and eating healthy and being bored out of my mind but I'm coming back so...be warned or whatever." In the comments, several other characters say hi and wish him well, including Clay, Sheri, Courtney, Marcus and Zach.

As for Jessica's profile? There's a lot of inspiration quotes, pictures of house parties and some throwbacks.

Easier said than done sometimes.

A post shared by Jessica Davis (@cheerstojess) on

The Sid to my Nancy. 💛🎃 #happyhalloween #throwback

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It's an interesting move by the creators of 13 Reasons Why, possibly inspired by the same use of social media on Norwegian teen drama SKAM, in which the characters give real time updates on their social media feeds. Will there be more exclusive content on Instagram on these 13RW accounts, or is it just for pre-season promo? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Here's the links for all the 13 Reasons Why characters on Instagram, if you want to get your follower requests in early.

Alex Standall

Clay Jensen

Zach Dempsey

Jessica Davis

Sheri Holland

Ryan Shaver

Tyler Down

Marcus Cole

Courtney Crimson

Bryce Walker

Justin Foley

Tony Padilla


Interestingly, there is a new (and so far unannounced) character called Laura who also has a account. I wonder who she could be? You can also follow Hannah Baker's old Instagram here.

If you're affected by any of the issues discussed in 13 Reasons Why, head to 13reasonswhy.info.