Chad Michael Murray made his Riverdale debut as Edgar and the thirst tweets are hilarious

21 March 2019, 14:38

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Riverdale's new cult leader Edgar Evernever is here and everyone is thirsting over him...

Riverdale finally introduced Edgar Evernever and viewers are swooning over the Chad Michael Murray character.

This week (Mar 21), Riverdale took on Heathers: The Musical. After impressing fans with their on screen adaptation of Carrie: The Musical last year, the Riverdale cast decided to enter the world of Veronica Sawyer for their season 3 musical episode and the results were brilliant. Cheryl was the perfect Heather Chandler, Kevin went into full on cult mode and Jughead sang?! Not only that but Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls) arrived as cult leader Edgar Evernever.

Who is Edgar Evernever in Riverdale? Read the thirst tweets below.

Riverdale: Chad Michael Murray is the actor who plays Edgar Evernever
Riverdale: Chad Michael Murray is the actor who plays Edgar Evernever. Picture: The CW

Edgar Evernever, for those of you who don't know, is Riverdale's mysterious new cult leader. He runs The Farm which people including Alice, Polly and Kevin have all joined. He was first referred to at the end of season 2 and later mentioned by name in the season 3 premiere but has only just appeared on screen. His daughter Evelyn started attending Riverdale High earlier in season 3 and is known for recruiting her classmates as new members of the Farm.

In last night's episode, Riverdale's cult antics went into overdrive. Kevin actually enlisted Evelyn to co-direct Heathers: The Musical (fishy), then Evelyn got the entire cast to meditate together (very fishy) and last but not least, after the final number of the musical, Edgar (!) broke the silence by leading members of the Farm in a standing ovation all dressed in white (next level fishy).

It's wild and weird and terrifying but also confusing because Edgar is played by legendary '00s teen heartthrob Chad Michael Murray. With that in mind, Edgar is, at first glance, not as creepy as you might expect. In fact, he is undeniably handsome. In fact, he is so good looking that many fans are thirsting after him in spite of the fact that he is arguably the most dangerous man in Riverdale.

Here are just a few of the reactions.

As confusing as it may seem, this is actually perfect casting. Cult leaders are often known for being attractive and charming; it's how they lure in so many followers. Given the fact that viewers already fancy Edgar, it's no wonder that characters like Alice have fallen for him. Who will be next to fall under his spell?

What do you think? Do you fancy Edgar?