Marvel are releasing a gay Captain America this summer

16 March 2021, 12:44

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Aaron Fisher will be the first gay Captain America in Marvel history.

Marvel are officially adding a brand new Captain America to Marvel Comics and he is going to be gay for the very first time.

Marvel fans will likely already know that there are multiple Captain Americas within the Marvel universe. Steve Rogers, who is played by Chris Evans in the MCU, is the first iteration of the iconic hero. However, alongside Steve, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson have both acted as Captain America in the comics, as well as other characters.

Now, Marvel are launching a new Captain America comic in honour of Pride Month and Captain America will be gay in it.

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A gay Captain America is coming to Marvel this summer
A gay Captain America is coming to Marvel this summer. Picture: Disney

Aaron Fisher will appear in the first issue of The United States of Captain America. According to Screen Rant, the new series will "see Captain America's shield being stolen and him having to travel the country in order to find the culprit." They also tease that: "Along the way, he'll encounter a group called the "Captains," people who take up the iconic hero's role."

Aaron Fischer is a "fearless, gay teen" and he will be the first of the "Captains" in the series. Josh Trujillo, who co-wrote the issue revealed that "Fischer is very much inspired by heroes of the queer community, including activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life. He stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten."

Early imagery of Aaron shows that he will sport a nose ring and an undercut as well as his own Captain America costume. He was created by trans illustrator Jan Bazaldua. Speaking about drawing Aaron, Jan explained to Screen Rant: "Aaron helps those who walk alone in the street with problems that they face every day."

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It's currently unclear if Aaron will appear in multiple issues of The United States of Captain America or just the first. It's also unclear if Aaron will ever appear in the MCU. However, given how popular Captain America is, we wouldn't be surprised if Aaron shows up in a Marvel series or movie in the future.

The United States of Captain America #1 will be available to purchase worldwide on June 2.

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