QUIZ: How well do you remember Burlesque?

26 November 2020, 17:32

QUIZ: How well do you remember Burlesque?
QUIZ: How well do you remember Burlesque? Picture: Sony Pictures
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Christina Aguilera? Cher? Stanley Tucci? Name a more iconic cast. I'll wait.

What's the greatest film of all time? Burlesque, of course. As soon as it was first announced that Cher and Christina Aguilera would be teaming up for a burlesque orientated movie, we knew that it would be iconic. From the legendary soundtrack (every single song slaps!) to the characters (make Cam Gigandet a love interest in every film), it's perfection.

How well do you remember Burlesque though? Do you still sing the songs in the shower? Do you watch the movie regularly on Netflix? Would you nail your audition for Tess' club if it really existed? Score 9/10 on this quiz and you're officially a Burlesque expert. Show us how you burlesque!

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