Who is Lord Debling in Bridgerton season 3? Is he in the books?

10 April 2024, 20:43

Bridgerton releases first clip of Penelope and Colin in season 3

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Is Lord Debling in the Bridgerton books? Penelope's potential new love interest was created specially for the show.

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It's almost time for Bridgerton to deliver the long-awaited Colin and Penelope romance, but now it looks like fans of the couple are going to have to deal with a... surprise love triangle?!

Bridgerton season 3 will see Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton) take centre stage as the Netflix series brings their love story to life. However, a brand new suitor appears to have entered the chat: Lord Debling.

Netflix have posted a series of promotional materials introducing the new character, and fans are now sweating about what this means for Pen's relationship with Colin.

In one promotional clip, Penelope and Lord Debling can be seen bowing and curtsying to each other. In another series of teaser photos, the duo are pictured at a ball together, and at an outdoor event where a worried looking Debling has his hands on an equally worried Pen’s waist and shoulder. Scandal!

But who is he? What is his storyline in the books? Here's what we know about Lord Debling and Penelope's relationship so far...

Who is Lord Debling in Bridgerton season 3?

Who is Lord Debling in Bridgerton season 3?
Who is Lord Debling in Bridgerton season 3? Picture: Netflix

Is Lord Debling in the Bridgerton books?

Lord Debling does not actually appear in the Bridgerton novels, and is no where to be seen in Colin and Penelope’s relationship in Romancing Mister Bridgerton. He’s an original character created for the Netflix series and not much is known about him just yet.

In an interview with Shondaland, Lord Debling actor Sam Phillips teased what fans can expect to see from him. Explaining the character, Sam teased: "Lord Debling is seen as an outsider. He lives on the fringes of society, and he is after a love match this season; he’s after someone who goes against the grain, someone who is a little bit of an outsider like him. And he spots Penelope."

"He thinks she’s special because she’s sort of seen as an outsider too," he added.

Of course, with fans hoping to see Penelope and Colin's relationship blossom in season 3, Debling's introduction has sparked a whole host of theories and concerns about what that means for Polin.

So, is Debling a serious potential love match for Penelope? When Colin is right there?! We'll have to wait and see how it all unfolds on May 16th, when Bridgerton season 3 Part 1 (the first four episodes) is released on Netflix.

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