Bridgerton season 2 cut "loads" of sex scenes from the final edit of the show

11 April 2022, 18:15

Shonda Rhimes explains why there's less sex in Bridgerton season 2

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot explains that several sex scenes were filmed for Bridgerton season 2 but where ultimately scrapped from the final edit.

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It's safe to say that Bridgerton season 1 set the bar when it came to the show's sex scenes. The first season of the hit Netflix series was packed full of raunchy moments between Daphne and Simon, but season 2 was a totally different story.

It's already been explained why Bridgerton season 2 included far less sex scenes than season 1 (Anthony and Kate's love story is vastly different from Daphne and Simon's) and while some thought the tension made it even hotter, others thought it fell a bit short.

In an interview with Glamour, Bridgerton's intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot has now explained that a lot more intimate moments were filmed for season 2, but not all of them made the cut.

Yep, Bridgerton season 2 could have featured plenty more romantic moments between Simone Ashley's Kate and Jonathan Bailey's Anthony, but for the sake of the story and the narrative, they were scrapped from the final edit.

Bridgerton season 2 cut "loads" of sex scenes from the final edit
Bridgerton season 2 cut "loads" of sex scenes from the final edit. Picture: Netflix

Because of the enemies-to-lovers slow burn between the two, viewers don't get to see much of the sexual side of Anthony and Kate's relationship until the final two episodes of the season.

After confessing their feelings, the two eventually have sex in a secluded gazebo somewhere out in the gardens. That scene itself, and the flashbacks that follow, are just as steamy as anything we saw in season 1. At the end of season 2, we also get a brief glimpse at the newly married couple as they lounge around naked in bed.

Discussing whether any there were any choreographed scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor, Lizzy explained that they filmed quite a few moments that viewers never got to see.

Bridgerton season 2 cut "loads" of sex scenes
Bridgerton season 2 cut "loads" of sex scenes. Picture: Netflix

"There were loads of scenes that didn't make it," Lizzy said. "We always do more than we need to so there are many options in the edit. I think that that's a really important thing."

She continued: "I know people have been frustrated that there haven't been more [sex scenes], but part of it is that we want to give our absolute best. There are loads of scenes that don't make the final edit—that's just the world of film. What we are really confident in is that the sex scenes that are in, we're really proud of."

Explaining that the decisions about what sex scenes to include were basically down to storytelling, Lizzy added: "Making sure that the choices we are showing fit how the narrative is moving. And obviously in giving a wide range, you've got more to pick from."

Shonda Rhimes says fans will have a shorter wait for Bridgerton season 3

For those hoping to see more of Anthony and Kate's relationship, there is good news: Both Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley will be returning for Bridgerton season 3 where we'll see plenty more from their marriage – and probably plenty more from their bedroom too.

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