A Game of Thrones fan set up a fake GoFundMe for Bran Stark

16 April 2019, 16:11

Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

A meme is circulating on Twitter with a photoshopped GoFundMe page that aims to buy Bran Stark a ramp to get out of the courtyard.

Game of Thrones season 8 has officially arrived, sending fans across the globe into a frenzy and making those who have never watched an episode question their life decisions (you uncultured swines!).

Now, a huge part of the 'Thrones fun is the barrage of hilarious memes that circulate after each episode - but one we weren't anticipating was this genius GoFundMe gaff set up in the name of Bran Stark.

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That's right - one GoT viewer went to extreme of setting up a fake GoFundMe, purely for the lols.

The page (which is a hoax - do not try and donate) was set up to raise money for a ramp so that Bran could finally get out of the cold courtyard. It comes with the message: "The poor kid has been stuck here for days. He's obviously too awkward to ask for help so he's just staring at people. It's starting to weird us out".

There were also other subtle, yet brilliant touches to the meme, including donations from his big sis Sansa, Tyrion Lannister, and a certain "Aegon Tar - I mean 'Jon Snow'".

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Game of Thrones fans have been sharing their Bran Stark memes - but this is on a whole new level
Game of Thrones fans have been sharing their Bran Stark memes - but this is on a whole new level. Picture: HBO / Twitter

It came after the season 8 premiere, which saw Bran lurking in the courtyard of the Stark family home for pretty much the entire hour.

For some context; his older brother Jon Snow returned to Winterfell with Daenerys, eager to be reunited with his little brother Bran and favourite sister Arya. Arya was off galavanting and Bran? Bran tripping!

Jon soon realised that Bran had turned into a massive weirdo since their last interaction, and the whole scene has become an epic meme opportunity that will go down in Game of Thrones history.

After THAT awkward encounter, Bran convinced Samwell Tarly that it was his job to tell Jon he's related to Dany. Bran then sat chilling in the courtyard, sinisterly waiting for Jaime Lannister to arrive.

While most fans trolled Bran on Twitter for his creepy AF death stares, some pointed out we should cut him a break, as he's probably freezing his arse off in the snow.

You can catch the next episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday 25th (if you're in the US), or on Monday if you're in the UK.