People think John Cena is in 'Bird Box' because of this Google prank

28 December 2018, 12:23

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Okay, but hear me out. John Cena wearing a green body suit against a green screen so he could actually be the invisible entity would have been...iconic.

Netflix's Bird Box won over audiences with its frightening premise and tense post-apocalyptic drama. The heart stopping action scenes were only made better by the film's incredible cast. Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, and Danielle Macdonald all came through with brilliant performances in the film. One actor who definitely did not appear in Bird Box, however, was John Cena–despite what Google would have you believe.

Wrestling legend turned actor, John Cena, was inexplicably listed as a member of Bird Box's cast in Google and the jokes are already amazing.

One of John Cena's wrestling taunts happens to be the phrase "you can't see me". Cena's taunt became so ubiquitous with his wrestling persona, it eventually became a meme itself.

John Cena And Make-A-Wish Celebrate His 500th Wish Granting Milestone
John Cena And Make-A-Wish Celebrate His 500th Wish Granting Milestone. Picture: Getty

Because the monster in Bird Box can't be seen, John Cena's "acting credit" here is especially amusing. It appears that some clever soul decided to add John Cena's name to the cast list for a laugh and the prank definitely paid off. The error appeared in Google and Wikipedia for a time but seems to have been fixed.

Still, people's jokes about John Cena being in Bird Box were spot on.

Since the entity in Bird Box can't be seen, I suppose there is no harm in pretending it was John Cena all along. Some movies you can actually see him in are Blockers and Bumblebee, which were both out in 2018.

If there is a Bird Box 2, John Cena will need to play the entity. We're putting this out into the universe.