The Author Of 'The Kissing Booth' Made A Cameo In The Movie And We Bet You Missed It

23 May 2018, 12:35

The kissing booth asset
Picture: Netflix/The Kissing Booth
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

How many people can say they got to act in a film adaptation for a book they wrote?!

There are more than a few interesting tidbits about Netflix's The Kissing Booth. The teen dramedy was filmed in South Africa, its two leads are dating in real life and the film's author actually made a cameo that you probably missed the first time around.

As we previously reported, Beth Reekles wrote The Kissing Booth when she was 15, landed a book deal, and had her original Wattpad novel turned into a film on Netflix which premiered earlier this month.

Her journey has been iconic, but did you know that she can add 'background actress in the film adaptation of the book she wrote' to her already impressive CV?

Beth shared a shot from her time on the set in Cape Town, South Africa and asked fans whether they'd noticed her.

Sneaky, sneaky! We love an author cameo.

Beth says the still was taken from a moment when one of the film's young stars, Carson White, was being "hilarious". All this behind the scenes action really has us wishing and hoping for a TKB sequel.

If there is a sequel to The Kissing Booth, we hope Beth gets a full on speaking role and a complete shattering of the fourth wall.