Barbie fans call Michael Cera's Allan the best part of the movie

26 July 2023, 15:23

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Yes, Ryan Gosling is a perfect Ken but a moment of appreciation for Michael Cera’s Allan. This man will never know peace."

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Barbie this. Ken that. Gloria's monologue. Mojo Dojo Casa House... But actually, we should all be talking about Allan.

The Barbie movie has well and truly taken the box office - and the world - by storm. The memes are coming in thick and fast, there is discourse brewing on social media and the Oscar buzz is buzzing.

There's so much to shout about and applaud throughout the film, from the soundtrack to the production design, the jokes and the tear-jerking moments, and yes, every single of those performances... But one performance in particular has become a standout and a huge fan favourite.

Michael Cera's performance as Allan? He has well and truly stolen the hearts of viewers.

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Michael Cera's Allan has become the fan favourite character in Barbie
Michael Cera's Allan has become the fan favourite character in Barbie. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures

WARNING: Spoilers for Barbie ahead!

WARNING: Barbie spoilers ahead!
WARNING: Barbie spoilers ahead! Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube

Allan is an outlier in Barbie Land – there are no replicas of him, he's literally one of a kind. He's Ken's 'buddy' but while he cares about Ken, he doesn't really show any loyalty or strong connection to any of the Kens' hobbies or interests.

While he seems like a spare part at the start of the film, unsure where he fits into Barbie Land, he later becomes somewhat of an unsung hero when he helps the Barbies in their mission to restore Barbie Land after the Kens completely takeover.

All of this is played perfectly by Michael Cera who delivers some of the funniest lines and moments throughout the film, and steals most of the scenes he's in.

The way he screams when Ken gets flung by the wave? Incredible! The way he dances at Barbie's party? Stunning! The way he fought those construction workers? I can't! The way he attempts to climb over the fence instead of running around it? Chef's! Kiss!

Thanks to Michael's hilarious performance, Allan dolls are now selling for huge amounts on eBay. And the reactions to his character on social media prove just how much people loved him in the film too.

The people's princess! Give Allan a spin-off!

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