Archie did the most infuriating thing on 'Riverdale' and the memes are savage

6 December 2018, 16:53

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Archie Andrews is irritating everyone on 'Riverdale' and the entire fandom is roasting him...

There is no show quite like Riverdale. In season 3 alone, the teen drama has thrown us everything from floating babies (WTF) to heart-shattering break-ups (bring back Varchie now). And that's not even getting into the gripping mystery of the Gargoyle King. Over the past few episodes the residents of the wildest town in fiction have been terrorised by a brand new villain and our faves are being killed off one by one.

The madness doesn't stop there though. Betty is currently trapped as a patient in The Sisters of Quiet Mercy (someone save her now), Jughead is now addicted to playing Gryphons and Gargoyles (he is a game master now) and Veronica is running a speakeasy (she's a boss ass bitch tbh). But it's Archie who has caused the most controversy this season though and he's now inspiring the most savage memes.

Why does everyone hate Archie Andrews now?

Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) is inspiring the funniest 'Riverdale' memes
Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) is inspiring the funniest 'Riverdale' memes. Picture: The CW

It all started back in episode 1 when Archie decided to plead guilty to the murder of Cassidy Bullock, even though he didn't commit it. In doing so, Veronica had to work overtime to exonerate him and he became a pawn in Hiram's shady Leopold & Loeb shenanigans. Then he decided to put end things with Veronica (we're still feeling bitter about this) and run away with no concrete plans to escape Hiram.

It all came to a head in last night's episode when Archie, while on the run and in hiding from Hiram, decided to a) stop off in a town not too far away from Riverdale to rest and b) REVEAL HIS REAL NAME TO COMPLETE STRANGERS WHO WERE WORKING WITH HIRAM. If that weren't bad enough, he almost tried to KILL Hiram. When will our sweet aspiring singer-songwriter return from war?

Unsurprisingly fans are not here for Archie's most recent antics anymore and they have been taking to Twitter in droves to express their frustrations with him. In fact, he's been so irritating this season that he's now being meme-d by viewers.

Some are just straight-up slamming Archie's choices.

The intelligence that that does not have.

Others are taking the mick out of them.

The gag is that this is barely an exaggeration. RIP Biff.

He really does not know how to keep a secret.


What's worse is he doesn't listen to anyone.

It might be a good idea to listen to people when you have literally no idea what you are doing.

One or two people want Archie to just be quiet.

It's important to think before you speak.

He is literally a child.

We know he's a teenager but come on.

It's a weekly struggle.

Not even his flawless abs can make up for his actions.

Even Jughead is reading Archie for filth.

We see no lies.

What's worse is Archie literally was kidnapped that episode.


In conclusion...

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