Did April Die On "Grey's Anatomy"? Her Fate Was Finally Revealed

11 May 2018, 15:30

April Kepner Dead Alive Grey's Anatomy
Picture: ABC
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

I haven't cried this much at "Grey's Anatomy" since... last week. *SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY*

Ever since the news broke that Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw would be leaving Grey's Anatomy at the end of season 14, fans have been on the edge of their seats worrying about the fate of their characters, April Kepner and Arizona Robbins.

While it's been pretty clear that Arizona would be leaving Seattle to co-parent her daughter in New York with her ex-wife Callie for a few episodes now, April's exit storyline was somewhat up in the air. And after seeing a terrifying promo for the penultimate episode, fans really did assume that Grey's was about to kill off their favourite trauma surgeon (No offence, Dr Hunt...)


In the episode, cleverly titled "Cold As Ice", April's ex-fiance Matthew is brought into the hospital after a car crash. He mutters April's name just before he falls unconscious which sends Meredith and Owen on a mission to locate her. Owen finds her slumped on a river bank, freezing cold and barely breathing. She's rushed into hospital and soon taken to the OR where her colleagues attempt to pick her body temperature up and restart her heart. (Remember when Meredith almost died after drowning? It was all a bit too much like that. It was like war flashbacks. Intense was an understatement.)

Anyway, SPOILER ALERT: Turns out, April is not dead. April is revived by Maggie Pierce who insists on using the defibrillator 35 times in a row and later wakes up after a really really emotional scene involving Jackson sobbing and praying over her body. (You will need tissues, fam.)

At the end of the episode, a very much alive April falls asleep holding Matthew's hand as it's revealed that the ex-couple have been seeing each other for a few months.

Here's how fans reacted to the twist:

For now, it looks and sounds like April Kepner will live to fight another day. After putting us through all that drama in the penultimate episode, we're not sure Grey's would have the nerve to actually kill her off in the finale episode (...you never know, though) and judging by the promo trailer for the finale, she's up and loving life at Jo & Alex's wedding. However, this is Grey's Anatomy and we all know what can happen in the blink of an eye.

But how does she leave? The only possible exit for April now is to leave Seattle, move away with Matthew, start fresh and start a family. But there's surely no way she would leave without her daughter Harriet, right? And there's no way Jackson (or his mother) would allow April to move away with her either, riiiiight?

*sigh* Guess we'll just have to sit tight for a week and hope that no one dies.