Evan Peters Might NOT Be In "American Horror Story" Season 8 For This Reason

8 January 2018, 16:20

Evan Peters American Horror Story
Picture: FX
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Not being dramatic or anything but NO EVAN PETERS MEANS NO AHS.

Now that the terrifying AHS: Cult is all wrapped up, never to be seen or watched or thought about again, it's time to look forward to AHS8. Yes, it's that time again. Seven months of purgatory. Attempting to piece together clues about what the season's theme might be. Scanning IMDb to find out who'll be returning to the cast...

So far, Sarah Paulson is the only confirmed cast member. But we've got some news that will shake you to your very soul.

For the first time in AHS history, Evan Peters might NOT be part of the season... because he'll be busy working on another Ryan Murphy project, Pose at the same time.


Speaking at the Television Critics Association on a panel for Pose, Ryan Murphy expressed his concern about Evan's involvement in the next season.

"I mean, Sarah Paulson has done two shows for me that were shooting at the same time. Usually, with the actors, I think of a role and then go to them and they either want to do it or not, so I haven’t even talked to Evan about what the role might be, but I would hope so. I think so,” Murphy said about the possible clash.

It's not impossible. Sarah Paulson literally ran to and from each set, swapping the crimped 'Sally' wig from Hotel for the iconic curls of Marcia Clark in The People vs. OJ as she went. Sometimes she filmed both roles on the same day. Paulson did admit that playing the two roles was "taxing on [her] mentally" but managed to nail it as both characters because they were complete polar opposites.


Murphy hasn't even asked Evan to take part in the show yet and he probably doesn't really have a solid idea of what his character would be right now anyway. But learning from experience with Sarah, Evan definitely won't end up playing someone who is as complex, complicated or as heavy as Kai Anderson. In fact, we're probably more likely to end up with another situation like Roanoke. You know, turns up in episode 5, killed after 5 minutes, comes back to life in episode 6, killed again 10 minutes later. It might not be what we want, but it's BETTER THAN NOTHING, OK?

If Evan doesn't take part in AHS8, Sarah Paulson will be the only remaining cast member to have appeared in every single season. Lily Rabe broke her every-season-streak, and the fandom's hearts, after a no-show in Cult.

At the end of the day, Ryan Murphy knows how important and integral Evan Peters is to the AHS universe (so does Evan himself, as a matter of fact...) so there's no way he wouldn't try include him in some way, right? RIGHT? PINKY SWEAR IT, RYAN.