Who Sings The Song Featured In The 'AHS: Apocalypse' Trailer?

6 August 2018, 22:58

AHS Apocalypse Trailer Song
Picture: FX
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The song is giving everyone the same creepy vibes that Melanie Martinez gave us with 'Carousel' from Freak Show.

The first teaser trailer for American Horror Story: Apocalypse dropped this week (Aug 6) and we can now confirm that the eighth season of your favourite anthology series is going to be WILD.

From the nuclear blast imagery to all the references to the anti-Christ (hiya, Michael Langdon!), it might be one of the best teaser trailers for AHS in recent years. But apart from all those hints and clues, the song featured in the trailer is starting to creep a LOT of people out.

It sounds a bit like Pretty Little Liars' theme tune 'Secret' sung by The Pierces, and it also has much of the same vibe as Melanie Martinez' 'Carousel', the song that was used for the promo trailers for Freak Show.

But the song in question is actually by neither of those artists... it's by a band called The Rigs and the song is called 'Devil's Playground' - quite apt for a show that's about to feature the anti-Christ, huh?

Listen to the song in full below:

The Rigs - Devil's Playground (Audio)


The lyrics to the song are pretty ominous too. The whole idea of a literal 'Devil's Playground' sounds like a bit of a running theme with this new season, huh?

Come, if you're curious to see

Pull the tricks out of my sleeve

All you find is yours to keep

Brave, are you brave enough to meet

The desires that you seek

Hold my hand, I'll set you free

Welcome to the devil's playground

You can tread where demons play

It's your Candyland where dreamers dance

And I promise that it's safe

Welcome to the devil's playground

You can look and you can touch

It's a real fine day at the black parade

And I swear it won't cost much

AHS: Apocalypse drops on FX on September 12.