American Horror Story season 9 will be titled "AHS: 1984"

10 April 2019, 15:45

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Is American Horror Story season 9 inspired by George Orwell's 1984? Show creator Ryan Murphy announced the AHS 9's official theme on Instagram with a creepy teaser video - watch it here.

It's official - we finally have a title for American Horror Story season 9.

Announced by Ryan Murphy on Instagram with a creepy teaser trailer, the title of AHS 9 is going to be... AHS: 1984.

Judging by the trailer for the new season, it looks like AHS: 1984's theme will have a slasher-type horror movie aesthetic that features one main masked killer. It also looks like the season might be set in a cabin in the woods too... but then again, AHS teasers have been incredibly cryptic in the past.

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No other information about the season has been released just yet so expect to spend the next few months reading up on conspiracy theories and binge watching any and all 80's slash movies.

Watch the teaser for AHS: 1984 above

American Horror Story season 9 is called "AHS: 1984"
American Horror Story season 9 is called "AHS: 1984". Picture: FX

But what does it mean?! Why 1984?! What's so significant about that year?!

Well, in the world of literature, '1984' is the name of George Orwell's novel about omnipresent government surveillance and propaganda... sounds very AHS, huh? Governments tracking every move of its citizens?!

1984 was also a pretty significant year for slasher movies too. Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street were both released in 1984 alongside Children of the Corn and The Hills Have Eyes. The season could draw inspiration from those films.

For years, many fans have been itching for a season set at summer camp - could this finally be the one? Set in the 80s?! WIG!

The ninth season of the show is set to air in September 2019 and will be the very first season in which Evan Peters will not feature. Speaking at Wondercon in March, he revealed that he is going to "sit a season out."

Confirmed cast members on AHS: 1984 are Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy. Sarah Paulson and Billy Eichner are also assumed to be returning to the cast.