Sarah Paulson says she'll return to American Horror Story if Evan Peters does

5 November 2019, 16:41

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Sarah Paulson also spoke about AHS season 10 and playing Cordelia again.

Sarah Paulson has revealed whether or not she'll return to American Horror Story and it looks like it's all up to Evan Peters.

Fans of American Horror Story will already know that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are two of the series' most loved stars. From Murder House to Apocalypse, they both steal the show every season. With that in mind, viewers were disappointed to learn that neither Sarah nor Evan would be appearing in AHS: 1984 this year. Sarah has been busy working on new acting projects, such as Ratched for Netflix, and Evan recently explained that he needed to step away from AHS for his health.

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Now Sarah has opened up about whether we'll be seeing her in AHS season 10 and it looks like it's good news.

Sarah Paulson says she'll return to American Horror Story if Evan Peters does
Sarah Paulson says she'll return to American Horror Story if Evan Peters does. Picture: Rachel Luna/FilmMagic, Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Speaking to TV Guide about missing out on AHS season 9, Sarah said: "It's hard to not be a part of it. I would love to [return for Season 10]. I need to be a part of it again." She then explained what would persuade her to star in another season of the show. Sarah clarified: "I would like to do something with Evan [Peters]. I miss Evan and I miss acting with Evan. So I'd love to have that experience again. If he'll come back, I'm back."

Sarah also revealed that she'd be keen to play the role of Cordelia Goode again. "Any time I could play Cordelia, I would love to. I really loved playing her. And I had a great wig last year [in Apocalypse]. That was fun too." Ryan Murphy previously told Entertainment Tonight that "the witches will be back" in a future season so it's pretty much guaranteed that Sarah will be back in AHS whenever that happens, even if Evan isn't.

As it stands, Evan hasn't confirmed whether or not he'll return to the show but he's not ruled it out. Back in May, Digital Spy asked Evan if he'd consider coming back to the series and he replied: "Yeah, absolutely, never say never." Discussing Evan returning with Entertainment Weekly recently, Ryan Murphy said: "We spoke in the past month about him coming back to the show some year and I hope we will."


Evan also attended American Horror Story's 100th episode celebration party last month (26 October), so it seems like there is a very good chance we'll be seeing both him and Sarah back on AHS again doing what they do best.

BRB. Forming a prayer circle to summon Sarah and Evan back to AHS.

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