‘American Horror Story’ is setting up a huge Mallory vs. Michael showdown

26 October 2018, 20:15

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

'AHS: Apocalypse' appears to be setting up Mallory as the next Supreme but like Michael Langdon, she seems even more powerful than that.

We're getting very close to the end of American Horror Story: Apocalypse now and yet it seems like we're still miles away from actually finding out how the end of the world happened, how - and if - it's ever going to be fixed and how they're going to work around that huge timeline error.

Ever since the Coven showed up in the bunker in episode 3, it became clear that the main beef of the season was between Antichrist Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) and our beloved witches, led by Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson). For the past few episodes, we've seen through flashbacks that the Coven had been actively trying to find ways to stop Michael from ending the world. Clearly, they failed but we've come to realise that Cordelia has been forming a plan all along.

It's clear that the show is building toward a final showdown, but not between Michael and Cordelia... The key to fixing this whole mess appear to lie within Mallory (Billie Lourd), the young witch from the Coven, who has powers beyond anything we've seen before.

Michael and Mallory on American Horror Story: Apocalypse
Picture: FX

Ever since we found out that Mallory was a witch, it's been mentioned several times that she is "special" and that Cordelia "needs" her. In episodes 4 and 5, we got some context surrounding Mallory's importance and value to Cordelia, and a glimpse at her powers. In episode 7, it was all but confirmed that Mallory was already rising as the next supreme. (Or so it seemed.)

Mallory's powers are already far beyond what Cordelia, the current Supreme can do. She was able to turn flower petals into living butterflies and she has the ability to not only heal mortal wounds, but to also completely undo and reverse them - a power that seems much more advanced than resurgence.

Mallory can also bring back people from the dead. And when I say bring back, I mean, from the ashes. Literal resurrection. While Cordelia struggled and injured herself bringing back Myrtle Snow, Mallory resurrected John Henry Moore without even breaking a sweat.

Given her calm and angelic-like demeanour and her healing powers, fans are now speculating that Mallory not actually a 'witch' but is rather the child of a human and an angel instead - the exact opposite of what Michael is, and much more powerful.

There’s also the matter of a very subtle yet interesting line spoken by Myrtle in episode 4: “I always thought the world would end with fire and ice, not witches and warlocks.” It could mean absolutely nothing but... then again, when has something meant nothing on AHS? Episode 9 is literally titled 'Fire and Reign' after all...

It’s been established now that the biggest beef of the season is between Michael and the witch Coven. But interestingly enough, two of the strongest powers that Mallory and Michael have respectively showcased so far are… fire and ice. While under the identity spell placed on her by Cordelia, Mallory managed to demonstrate pyrokinesis (manipulation of fire) and during his audition for the warlock coven, Michael made it snow and then turned the entire room in sub-zero temperatures.

According to the Book of Revelation, the archangel (called Michael, no less), is the one who defeats Satan. Archangel Michael, funnily enough, is the archangel of fire. Oh, and... before the season started, there was an interactive fan experienced called 'Revel8tion.' Coincidence? Nooope, we been knew this was a biblical season, given all the Antichrist teas and references to 'forbidden fruit'...


So, how will Mallory come into play and how will she defeat Michael?

We know that Mallory possesses the ability to completely reverse death and bring life back to literally anything, but can she also reverse time? She's clearly an important part of Cordelia's larger plan to stop Michael in his tracks. Cordelia clearly knows much more than she's letting on. In the same way that Michael is not a warlock, is Mallory even a 'witch' or does she just possess those powers because of status as half angel baby?

There's also the matter of the prophecy as told by the warlocks: “The warlock who becomes Alpha will have power beyond comprehension. His magic will exceed that of the witches. He could pass the test of the Seven Wonders and supplant their Supreme.”

If Mallory has the ability to be stronger than Michael, would she have to replace Cordelia as the Supreme in order to stop him from gaining his place at the top of the hierarchy? Or can she do it without Cordelia having to die? And if Cordelia does die, will Mallory be able to bring her back? (Please say yes!)

There's only 4 episodes of the season left to go so we guess we'll just have to wait and see. But by the sounds of things, it looks like Mallory is going to be the one who is able to reverse the apocalypse - and Cordelia will be the one who sacrifices her life for the sake of the world.