Ryan Murphy reveals American Horror Story could last for 20 seasons

25 October 2019, 17:13

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The AHS co-creator teased that American Horror Story will continue long after AHS: 1984.

Ryan Murphy has opened up about the future of American Horror Story and it looks like the series isn't ending anytime soon.

It's hard to believe it but American Horror Story has graced our screens for almost a decade. Ever since the anthology horror debuted in 2011, we've been obsessed with it. Evan Peters playing dead serial killer Tate Langdon in Murder House? Iconic. Jessica Lange as the power-hungry Supreme Fiona Goode in Coven? Perfection. Adina Porter bringing to life unhinged news reporter Beverly Hope in Cult? A moment. Not to mention Sarah Paulson, who wows us in literally every single season.

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Until recently, it's been unclear how long AHS will run for but now Ryan Murphy has finally spoken about it.

How many seasons of American Horror Story will there be?

Ryan Murphy reveals American Horror Story could last for 20 seasons
Ryan Murphy reveals American Horror Story could last for 20 seasons. Picture: FX

Talking about Roanoake with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Murphy discussed the longevity of AHS and how many seasons it could run for. He said: "This was the season that made me think “Ok, this show can go for 20 years.” Because we can keep playing with the format, the form. It proved to me we didn’t have to have every season be a grand spectacle. We could be raw and rough and verité."

Explaining his hopes for the series further, Ryan continued: "It reinvigorated me in some way, after the operas we had done. This felt like an independent film approach. It felt like, “Ok…season 20? Bring it on.”

Given that season 9 is only just airing now, AHS could potentially still be on our screens in 2030 and at least 11 more seasons of messing with our minds and making us all scream.

That being said, it's unclear how many AHS cast members would stick around for that many more seasons of the hit show. Original stars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are both sitting 1984 out and Jessica Lange recently claimed that she will never return to the show. Emma Roberts, Cody Fern and Billie Lourde lead the series now but who knows if they would remain until 2020.


Elsewhere in the interview, Ryan revealed that Cult is his "favourite season". He said: "I think Falchuk agrees. We both felt so passionately about the story, about the terrifying rise of Trump, of people falling under the spell of the cult of personality." He then added: "The pairing of Paulson vs Evan Peters was my favourite antagonist/protagonist thing we have ever done."

Praising Sarah and Evan's dynamic, Ryan went on to say: "They are so close and really understand how to work with each other, and get underneath each other’s skin like brother and sister, so it really clicked." Fingers crossed we see them back together on AHS before season 20 airs.

What do you think? Would you like 20 seasons of AHS?