American Horror Story is doing another season of Coven

5 December 2018, 15:11

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Ryan Murphy has revealed that "the witches will be back" on American Horror Story following the Apocalypse crossover season - but they won't be returning in season 9.

Surprise, witch! Bet you thought you'd seen the last of Sarah Paulson's Cordelia Goode and her legion of Coven sisters after the dramatic ending of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Yep, just when you thought we'd said goodbye to our beloved witches once and for all, series co-creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that they will be returning to the series very soon.

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Speaking at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Murphy revealed to Entertainment Tonight that “the witches will be back." However, it looks like we might have to wait a few seasons for that to happen because they won't be appearing in season 9 (aka AHS: 1984). “Not next season, though," he continued "but we have something really fun planned.”

With season 10 already renewed, could we be heading back to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies as soon as 2020? I'm already packing my bags, tbh. Madison, come pick me up in ya Uber ASAP, let's GO!

American Horror Story is doing another season of Coven
American Horror Story is doing another season of Coven. Picture: FX

Murphy first revealed that he was considering doing another season of Coven back in 2016, although at the time, he said that he "didn't know what know what season that will be." He later revealed that he was also planning a Murder House/Coven crossover, but didn't specify whether or not that was his initial plan to revisit Coven. (That season, of course, ended up being Apocalypse.)

Anyway, we've now got confirmation that we will be checking back in with our favourite witches for a third time and it's honestly the best news ever.

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It's not yet known whether or not the witches will simply feature in another season (like they did in Apocalypse) or if it will literally be Coven 2.0, set in New Orleans at the Academy (hopefully featuring Evan Peters as Kyle Spencer, who we didn't see in Apocalypse) but we'll take what we can get, tbh.

So, if we're goin ✈️ Coven round 3, what might happen in that season?

As we all know, Apocalypse ended by creating a brand new timeline. Michael Langdon was killed before he was ever able to start the end of days and Mallory transferred from the old timeline to the new timeline with her knowledge of the events in tact.

At the end of the season, we also saw the new timeline 'correct' itself. DNA jackpot bunker buddies Emily and Timothy were brought together by fate in the new timeline and had a baby who is - presumably - the new Antichrist. And as long as there is a threat to existence, the witches will need to intervene, right?

So could the next Coven season focus on the new Antichrist threat that will no doubt grow up to cause trouble just like Michael? Will Sarah Paulson be back as Cordelia or will Mallory have already ascended as the new Supreme? Will there be a new rising Supreme? Will we learn more about Mallory's descendants from Salem? Will we finally get a backstory on the original Supreme, Scathach? Will Bubbles McGee be there?

We'll keep you posted, witches x