18 unanswered questions that 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' needs to explain

15 November 2018, 17:28

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From Mallory's backstory to the new Antichrist baby... here's all the unanswered questions that AHS: Apocalypse has left us with.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse went out with a bang - literally. The eighth season of the iconic series came to a close last night (Nov 14) with an incredible episode called 'Apocalypse Then,' that saw the entire AHS timeline flipped on its head. The finale episode received mixed reviews from fans on social media, with some complaining that it was rushed while others crowned it as the best finale episode since Asylum.

But while we were given a handful of answers about what happened in the season (how did the witches survive the apocalypse and why was Mallory so important), we were also left with a ton of unanswered questions and glaring plot holes...

So, without further ado, here's all the looming questions we've still got about AHS: Apocalypse:

American Horror Story: Apocalypse left us with some VERY confusing questions
American Horror Story: Apocalypse left us with some VERY confusing questions. Picture: FX

1) What happened to the people left in 2021 when Mallory travelled back in time?

It looks as though Mallory completely disappeared when she went under water but what about the others? Is there an abandoned timeline somewhere where Myrtle and Michael Langdon are just stranded in an underground bunker together trading insults about each other's hair and clothes? (Would 100% watch a full season of THAT show, by the way.)

2) Did Mallory physically travel back to 2015, or was it just a projection?

As we see in the episode where Mallory travels back to the Romanov era to help Anastasia, it's just a projection of herself that appears in the past - her body remains firmly in the bath back in the present day. But is the Mallory who travelled back to 2015 just a projection or did she physically go back? It's assumed that she became powerful enough to take over her own body in the past (otherwise there would be two Mallory's at the Academy) but what happened to her physical 2021 self? Dust? RIP, if true!

3) If Mallory (the Supreme in 2021) goes back to 2015, who is the one true Supreme - Cordelia or her?

Considering Mallory still remembers everything that happened in the apocalypse timeline, does she still possess the same level of powers in the new 2015 as she did at the exact point in 2021 when she started the new timeline? Mallory ascended as the next Supreme the second Cordelia sacrificed herself which means she's technically the Supreme.

But did she revert back to Supreme-elect as soon as she stepped back in time? Did Cordelia's status in that timeline over power her own? Did she lose all her Supreme powers when she went back in time? Does Cordelia know that she's the next Supreme yet?


4) Is Mallory even MORE powerful now?

Like we said above, did Mallory carry all her new Supreme powers back with her from the bunker or did they default to what she knew in 2015? It's been said that powers manifest much stronger during times of extreme stress/danger or emotion and given that there's now no threat from Michael or the warlocks, Mallory's powers could just be chill for the time being, and will emerge when the time is right (like in 2019, as they did in the original timeline.)

5) Is Cordelia still fading?

While it's more likely that Cordelia's powers were fading because of the whole Antichrist/darkness situation (remember, witches get their powers from the light), it's safe to assume that she will start fading soon because of Mallory.

Cordelia doesn't appear to be fading at the rate she was in the original timeline (or at all, in fact) but Mallory is still destined to become the Supreme at some point and given how powerful she is, this might still happen sooner, rather than later.

6) Who the FUCK was Brock?

We're supposed to believe he was just some random guy who met Coco at the salon? How did he survive the apocalypse? What happened to him out there for the past 18 months until he showed up in the bunker? I need answers! He must have seen some things!

7) Does this mean that everything post-2015 in the universe will be different now?

Michael's death will have little immediate impact on the events of Roanoke (which took place in 2014-2016) and Cult (which took place in 2016-2018). Both happen before the apocalypse and were never linked to Michael anyway, but that doesn't mean that the new timeline will be exactly the same as the first one.

The world will keep on turning but we guess the big change will come when we find out what happens post-2019, when the universe moves through what should have been the apocalypse.

8) Does Billie Dean still go to the Hotel Cortez?

Assuming that Roanoke and Cult's timelines aren't affected by Michael's death and the new timeline, what about things that have already happened in the universe post-Apocalypse? If 2022 no longer exists in the original timeline, does Billie Dean Howard ever go to the Hotel Cortez? Does that scene exist in a completely different timeline altogether?! What is going on?

Maybe that's all just a plot hole that'll never be explained... because, let's face it, they messed that one up big time.


9) Did Cordelia really just let Misty and Stevie Nicks die in the apocalypse?

A really shitty move if she did. Just sayin'...

10) Is Marie Laveau still alive in 2015?

Cordelia made a deal with Papa Legba to free Marie Laveau in exchange for Dinah Stevens, but does that still stand in the new timeline? When Nan arrives with Misty at the Academy in 2015, she still belongs to Legba but she also seems to know everything that has gone down with Mallory. Cordelia, however, has no idea. Does Legba restore the bargain that Cordelia has no memory of making?


11) What the fuck was going on with those snakes?

As far as we can remember, the snakes were used to poison the apples, but they appeared long before Venable and Meade enacted their apple-bobbing plan. How did they get there? Were they just something to do with Michael's new Antichrist aesthetic?

12) Were Jeff and Mutt placed under an identity spell or not?

When Myrtle leaves their office after changing the guest list of Outpost 3, does she ever wipe their memories like she does with Venable? It appears as though she just releases them from the binding spell she placed them under and leaves.

Obviously, she couldn't kill them because she still needed them to set the end of days in motion but how and why did they not spill the tea to Michael? Are we missing something?

13) Who was flying the god damn plane in episode one?

When Coco, Mallory, Mr Gallant and Evie Gallant get on the plane, it's soon revealed that no one is flying the plane. It's never brought up again nor is it confirmed but are we safe to assume that one of the witches intervened to make sure the plane took off with the necessary people and headed safely out of harm's way?

Was it Madison doing another iconic stint as an Uber driver before teleporting out of the cockpit?

14) Who the fuck was the Rubber man in the bunker?

According to Cody Fern, Michael was not wearing the suit in that scene. Speaking to Out, Cody confirmed that "the Rubber Man is also a demon, so when someone is wearing the suit, they become the Rubber Man, but when nobody is wearing the suit, Rubber Man — through the power of Murder House — becomes a demon, and that demon is in many aspects controlled by Langdon."

So that now raises the question... was the Hawthorne Academy built on a portal to hell, like the Murder House? Or was it just Michael's presence that was able to conjure the demon?


15) Who made sure Emily and Timothy were placed in Outpost 3? And why?

When Myrtle visits Jeff and Mutt to ensure a spot for Coco and Mallory in the bunker with Dinah, there's several occupants on the Outpost 3 guestlist with the 'E' as their first initial, but none with the first initial of 'T'.

Can we assume that Venable, or Jeff and Mutt themselves, decided to place them in there to create the perfect human race with their perfect DNA - brought to you by our sponsor 23andMe? Or did someone (Michael) have the inside track that their DNA combined would create another Antichrist baby?

16) How did Emily and Timothy end up producing an Antichrist baby anyway?

As we all know per Billie Dean Howard's prophecy, the Antichrist is the product of a human and a spirit. Michael was born from Vivien (a human) and Tate (a ghost, who was inhabited by the evil spirit of the Murder House) thus proving the biblical prophecy true.

But Emily and Timothy are both humans, who are alive and very much not possessed by an evil spirit (unless there's something they're not telling us). Emily also didn't die while trying to give birth to a demon baby, like Vivien, so... what's going on here?

17) Does this mean there's going to be another apocalypse?

In the final episode, Mallory says “Nothing ever truly dies. We’re all made of energy. Energy can never be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred from one form to another,” hinting that the events that she's just stopped will no doubt happen again, thanks to birth of this new Antichrist.

But does this mean that in another 5 years, we're going to have to do the same thing again?


Seriously. After all that you're not going to dive into why and how Mallory was so special and displaying clear supreme powers at such a young age? Not a peep into her background regarding her ancestors that she mentioned were from Salem? Is she related to the first Supreme? What is happening? She can't just be a cool witch who possesses powers literally no other supreme has ever been able to do... WHO IS SHE?????


Regardless of all those plot holes and unanswered questions, at least we know this... three versions of Dame Joan Collins now exist in this universe (Joan herself, Evie Gallant and Bubbles McGee) and Lana Winters has survived yet ANOTHER season of American Horror Story and that is all that matters.