Is Misty Day About To Be Killed For A FOURTH Time On ‘American Horror Story’?

11 October 2018, 15:24

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Will Misty Day be killed AGAIN? Fans think Michael Langdon is about to exact his revenge on the Coven over the Supremacy.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse is back at it again, hitting us with twists we never saw coming, jaw-dropping reveals that continue to make us question everything we thought we knew and characters we thought we'd never see again.

The fifth episode of the eighth season, titled 'Boy Wonder', aired yesterday (Oct 10) and with it, brought a much loved fan favourite character back to life. Kids, it's my pleasure to inform you that the beloved Misty Day, who has been trapped in hell for almost five years, is officially back in the Coven.

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Yes, Lily Rabe is back in action as our favourite Stevie Nicks stan (who also returned as Coven's white witch) but while the fandom is celebrating the reunion of Cordelia and Misty, it seems like there might be even more danger headed their way and it's all to do with who brought Misty back from the depths of her own personal hell...

Misty Day American Horror Story Apocalypse
Picture: FX

Following a terrifying vision, Cordelia agrees to let Michael Langdon (Antichrist, jawline for days... you know the one) take The Seven Wonders because she 'believes' that he might be the next Supreme. (Just kidding, she just wanted to let him do it so she could work out what she needed to do to defeat him. She does not trust this scary little boy!)

Michael takes the test and passes them all. For the last test, Michael performs Descendum, the act of going into the nether to face your own hell. If you return, you pass but if you don't and you spend too much time away from your body, you die and stay trapped in hell. (Precisely what happened to Misty.)

Anyway, instead of going into his own personal hell, Cordelia orders him to go into Misty's and bring her back. The warlocks are pressed about it, but Cordelia explains that Michael needs to outperform everyone in order to have a chance of reigning Supreme over any witch that might possess the required powers.

So he does... and Misty returns. It's been a long time coming for fans and her emotional resurrection got everyone way in their feelings.


Stevie Nicks even came back as a surprise for Misty and sang her a whole ass rendition of 'Gypsy'. (Which is really nice seeing as we don't know if Stevie Nicks actually survived the apocalypse yet. It was a treat for Misty but it was also a treat for us. Thanks Ryan.)


But, as with everything on American Horror Story, it seems like the happiness will not last very long. Misty clearly hasn't been brought back as fan service, that's for sure. She's there for an even bigger purpose and there's already speculation that she'll have another, even more tragic demise.

Why? Well, we already know that Misty is not present in 2021. And given how personally valuable Cordelia has pointed Misty out to be, Michael surely will use her as a pawn or as leverage or as bait to destroy the scheming Supreme and gain his title. By exploiting or destroying the one thing Cordelia holds most dear, he'll have the upper hand.

Thanks to Ryan Murphy's Instagram, we also know that a large dinner scene is coming up featuring all the witches, Behold Chablis, the warlock and Joan Collins' second character of the season. And we also also know that that dinner appears to end in bloody disaster. (The picture is also captioned, 'Last Supper', which is a bit sus.)

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The Last Supper

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Given Michael's words to Mallory when he realised she was a witch (something along the lines of: "I thought I killed you all"), could he be the one that slaughters the Coven, including Misty?

Time will tell... time will tell. Guess we'll find out after that long-awaited Murder House flashback episode, huh?