'American Horror Story' Just Brought Back A HUGE 'Hotel' Character

4 October 2018, 15:45

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

One of Hotel Cortez's most iconic residents made their return on episode 4 of 'Apocalypse' in yet another crossover and everyone absolutely lost it.

It's official - American Horror Story: Apocalypse is THAT season. We're only four episodes into the eighth season and already we've been treated to more twists, turns, storyline connections and returning characters than we could have ever hoped for.

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While the season has been billed as a crossover between Murder House and Coven, it's becoming more and more clear that actually, most of the seasons are about to come together and connect on-screen in ways we never even imagined. The latest episode was no exception because we saw the return of one of AHS: Hotel's most ICONIC characters: Evan Peter's iconic James March.

And the shock twist has now got everyone thinking... if this character managed to make a secret return, who else must Ryan Murphy have up his sleeve?!

American Horror Story Hotel Character Returns
Picture: FX

Episode 4, titled 'Could It Be... Satan?', takes us back in time and establishes Michael Langdon's true nature. As we know, he was born the son of a human (Vivien Harmon) and a spirit (Tate Langdon) which in turn, made him the Antichrist but also a very powerful warlock.

We find out that Michael was brought to a male coven after his incredibly strong powers are noticed by members of the warlock council. He's brought to the underground school (which is now the Outpost) and stuns the heads of the coven with skills that are FAR beyond the level of the Supreme. Our girl Cordelia is low-key screwed, by the way.

ANYWAY, after hearing the conversation between the witch and warlock council, Michael decides to go and show off his powers by doing the one thing Cordelia cannot do - bring people back from hell. He heads to the infamous Hotel Cortez to free Queenie from death AND WHO SHOULD APPEAR? Ol' boy himself. Mr Pencilstache. Owner of the Cortez...

James 👏 Patrick 👏 March.


Surprise bitch! Bet you didn't think we were getting three iconic Evan Peters this season, huh? Mr March, back with that iconic transatlantic accent, wet side-part and sharp suit appeared only briefly, in a hotel room with Queenie playing several thousand rounds of Gin Rummy but it was the most iconic cameo appearance from a past character in the season so far.

Fans had already assumed that the episode would be taking us back to the Cortez thanks to the episode's promo trailer but given that there was absolutely ZERO teasing or spoilers about his return, everyone went NUTS over it.


Ohhhhh, James March, how we've missed you. Would have been even nicer if the Countess had been there too, right?