American Horror Story cut a scene from the 'Apocalypse' finale and it would have been perfect

19 November 2018, 16:42

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

A scene involving Angela Bassett's Marie Laveau and Leslie Grossman's Coco St Pierre Vanderbilt didn't make it in to the final episode.

The final episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse had fans in two minds about the way the huge crossover season eventually came to an end. Some were absolutely gagged by the plot twists and the big Antichrist reveal in the finale scene; others just did not like it at all.

While the finale was undoubtably show-stopping, fans still found time to complain about a few things that happened. One of those complaints? The distinct lack of screen time for Angela Bassett's Marie Laveau, who was brought back in a surprise last episode twist.

In the finale, it's revealed that Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) made a deal with Papa Legba to release Marie Laveau from hell in exchange for Dinah Stevens (Adina Porter), who needed to die in order for the coven to successfully defeat Michael Langdon. Marie appears, she kills Dinah and it's perfect... until Marie is then stabbed by Michael as he tries to kill the rest of the witches.

The fandom is in total agreement that Bassett's appearance was far too short but it turns out that there was a scene involving the voodoo queen that was cut from the last episode - and it sounded amazing.

Angela Bassett and Sarah Paulson as Marie Laveau and Cordelia Goode in American Horror Story: Apocalypse
Angela Bassett and Sarah Paulson as Marie Laveau and Cordelia Goode in American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Picture: FX

Speaking to TVLine, Leslie Grossman, who played the calorie-counting witch Coco St Pierre Vanderbilt, revealed that there was a small scene between Coco and Marie just before they were both killed by Michael that never made it to air.

"There’s actually this great little scene that was cut between me and Angela Bassett in the finale, right after Madison shoots Michael and we’re all running up the stairs," Leslie said. "Angela’s character stops me and asks, “What can you do? What’s your power?” It’s this really funny moment where I say what I can do and she just stares at me, and then I go, “I know, I’m useless!”

"And she gives me this awesome little pep talk in that incredible Marie Laveau accent. She says, “You are a woman and a witch. Never underestimate your power. You can do this!” It was such a great little moment, I’m so sad it didn’t make it to the finale."

It's understandable why the scene was cut - there really was no time to be giving empowerment pep talks about your powers in the middle of a Battle Royale against the actual Antichrist - but still, a little more screen time for Marie really wouldn't have gone a miss.

Also, if that perfect little interaction was cut for time and pacing, can you image all the other iconic moments that never made it air? Release the footage, you cowards!