‘AHS: Apocalypse’ Might Be Setting Up A HUGE ‘Asylum’ Crossover And It’ll Blow Your Mind

21 September 2018, 16:00

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Remember Kit Walker's children? Well, let's just say that there could there be more to the mysterious Emily and Timothy than meets the eye...

Ever since American Horror Story: Apocalypse premiered, the internet has gone into overdrive trying to figure out what Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) wants with everyone in that bunker and how the characters from Murder House and Coven are meant to factor into the storyline.

With the tease that this season would be the one in which all the character connections explode, fans are eagerly awaiting to see what happens to the likes of Cordelia Goode and Tate Langdon but, thanks to a pretty solid theory, it now seems like they're setting us up for a HUGE Asylum crossover too.

Could Ryan Murphy really be about to set up the battle of Evan Peters' fictional children? Because according to this Reddit user, Kit Walker's descendants might be about to have a hand in the downfall of Tate Langdon's Antichrist son Michael.

Kit Walker American Horror Story Apocalypse
Picture: FX

The theory, which was originally posted on Reddit two whole years ago by user jcoleman87, reads: "An idea: the final season of the show is 'Apocalypse' where Michael Langdon fulfils his part as the antichrist and starts the tribulation. I think I remember hearing that Ryan has said all the seasons will connect in the end so my idea is this: what if when the aliens impregnated Alma and Grace so that there will be superhuman type people on earth to fight against the antichrist and Satan? Or what if they're bringing actual angels and putting them into human bodies to set the stage for the upcoming war? Just an idea."

Well, for a start, the apocalypse has now arrived and it has everything to do with Michael Langdon AND, now the season has started, it also looks like there's evidence to suggest that Kit Walker's children - or grandchildren - might be involved too.


The theory resurfaced once we met Apocalypse's Emily and Timothy (played by newcomers Ash Santos and Kyle Allen), who already bare a strikingly similar appearance to the 'twins' from Asylum. As we know, Emily and Timothy were both selected by the Cooperative because of their 'genetic makeup' but what if that 'genetic makeup' had something to do with their mothers (or grandmothers) being impregnated by the aliens?

In Asylum, the devil possessed Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) but his plans got thwarted by the aliens - the same aliens that abduct Kit (Peters), his wife Alma and girlfriend Grace. Kit's children were then born with weird healing qualities. So, if Emily and Timothy are descendants of Kit Walker, their 'perfect' genetic makeup could be something that Michael Langdon (the Antichrist) desperately wants to get rid of once and for all, in the name of the devil.

The fandom have also pointed out that their names are also something to be suspicious about too. Rarely are there two characters in the series with the same name but both 'Emily' and 'Timothy' have existed in the universe before.

First, there was Monsignor Timothy Howard, the director of Briarcliff Manor (which definitely lends to the theory about Apocalypse's Timothy being linked to Asylum) and there's also the small matter of Emily, who also happens to be the name of Lee's missing daughter from Roanoke. (Emily went missing when she was four years old after Lee left her in the car while she ran into a store. She was never seen again.)

Could Apocalypse's Emily be Lee's missing daughter? Her surname hasn't been revealed yet either, which is interesting. Of course, that negates the entire Asylum theory but you never know with American Horror Story, you never know.

What do you think? Is this all a big reach or is the fandom really onto something here?