American Horror Story fans are calling AHS: 1984 "the worst season ever"

14 November 2019, 17:43

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The AHS: 1984 season finale aired last night and people want Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson to return to the series.

AHS: 1984 ended last night and, while some American Horror Story fans loved it, others are calling it the "worst" season yet.

American Horror Story tends to divide fans with every season. Year on year, Ryan Murphy introduces us to a new theme and a new cast and viewers either end up adoring what he's come up with or eagerly awaiting his next concept. 1984 saw Ryan take the series into slasher territory. The season was based in Camp Redwood, a haunted summer camp, filled with serial killers, ghosts and a lot of bloodshed. After only nine episodes, the season has ended, but what did fans think of it?

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Well, it looks like some are disappointed. Since the finale aired, many have taken to social media to criticise it.

Why are fans calling AHS: 1984 the worst season ever?

American Horror Story fans are calling AHS: 1984 the “worst” season ever
American Horror Story fans are calling AHS: 1984 the “worst” season ever. Picture: FX

1984 featured stellar performances from AHS faves, including Emma Roberts, Cody Fern and Billie Lourd. Newcomers, such as Zach Villa, Angelica Ross and DeRon Horton, also all stole the show. However, many fans could not get past the fact that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson were missing for the first time ever. One fan tweeted: "I’m gonna need the OGs back next season to redeem #AHS1984. Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have now entered the chat".

Others weren't convinced by the plot. With a title linked to George Orwell's classic dystopian novel 1984, many viewers were expecting an Orwellian twist but it never really materialised. Someone tweeted: "Why #AHS1984 was the worst season ever: whole season was predictable, boring af but excessively gory, plot line that went NOWHERE". There were a lot of theories that the camp was being monitored like in Cabin in the Woods but it wasn't.

Then there were those who were sad to see 1984 repeat the same themes as Murder House and Hotel. One of the main plot devices this season was that some people in Camp Redwood were ghosts trapped in the camp, which AHS has done many times before. One viewer reacted: "#AHS1984 was the worst season of AHS! It never went anywhere or did anything new. So disappointing."

Of course, there were viewers who lived for every minute of this season. People loved all the appearances by Lily Rabe, Finn Wittrock and Dylan McDermott. They also liked that it had a more light-hearted tone and a happy, complete (!) ending. That being said, it disappointed some diehard fans and AHS may have to go back to basics to win them back in season 10.

Which season of AHS do you think is the worst?