AHS: 1984's big twist could reveal it's all a game show, according to fan theories

19 September 2019, 21:03

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Like previous seasons, AHS: 1984 could have a huge plot twist and the internet thinks they've cracked it: Is it a game show?

American Horror Story returned to our screens last night (September 18) with a bang. Taking us back in time to 1984, the show set up camp–literally–at Camp Redwood, the home of a deadly summer massacre in 1970.

With a cast that includes Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Leslie Grossman, Angelica Ross, Gus Kenworthy and DeRon Horton, the first episode of AHS: 1984 has already set up a killer season. A group of young adults at a reopened summer camp with two killers on the loose? '80s slasher fans, lemme hear y'all make some noise!

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But like Roanoke, Cult and Apocalypse, fans think things aren't quite what they seem and some people are convinced that they've already figured out what the big mid-season twist will be.

Judging by their theories, the clues to the twist lie within the promotional videos we've seen. From the first cast teaser trailer to the new opening credit montage, fans think that AHS: 1984 might turn out to be some kind of reality game show.

Will the big twist of AHS: 1984 reveal a game show element?
Will the big twist of AHS: 1984 reveal a game show element? Picture: FX

So, a game show!? How?! Well, fans have noted several hints that seem to back their theories.

The first teaser trailer saw the cast all posing for screen tests in two locations. The first location was at the aerobics gym and the second location was in the cabin. Some people have also noted how the new opening credits seem to have been purposefully edited to make it look like we're watching a TV show.

Based on a hint from an insider who said that the show isn't what we think it is, Reddit user JamesGolds2907 suggests the season could end up being more like a game show along the lines of 'Cabin in the Woods,' 'The Truman Show' or 'Big Brother.'

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Of course, the Big Brother theory certainly ties in nicely with that big ol' George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four reference, doesn't it? Responding to that theory, Reddit user The_Schnitz says: "1984 is a novel about 'Big Brother', so maybe it's a BB-like gameshow. Maybe the audience in the show universe will be able to vote on what they want the killer to do."

In another thread, user rubix_cube_Y theorises that 1984 is a "summer camp mixed with a battle royale theme. Like the group of counselors [sic] vs killers and it’s comes down to a winner. The game is controlled by like the 1% percent or is a game show and they don’t know it."

Episode 1 has already thrown a few hints in to back this theory: Brooke sees a now murdered hitchhiker pinned to the back of the door of the Infirmary. When she returns with the rest of the group, there's no body and there's not a drop of blood in sight.

Xavier (played by Cody Fern) also made a point to say to Brooke that he was an actor and, as noted by Nurse Rita, why did Margaret Booth invite all these people with no experience to run a summer camp?

The synopsis for episode 5 (the usual mid-point plot twist episode) has also caused fans to speculate even more. The description of the episode reportedly says: "As twilight broaches, the survivors brace for a final brawl."

Sounds like the Hunger Games, right?

Whether we end up getting a Roanoke-type twist or not, 1984 is definitely not what it seems. Or maybe it is? Maybe it is just a really good, really campy, '80s slasher season? Then again, there's no way they'd use 1984 as the title without leaning into an Orwellian government surveillance theme, right?