The first American Horror Story: 1984 teaser trailer hints at Friday The 13th vibes

30 July 2019, 13:24

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

American Horror Story's ninth season is taking us all the way to Camp Redwood for an '80s slasher season complete with masked killer.

Pack your bags, baby! We're going to Camp Redwood. Yes, the wait is over... The first teaser trailer for American Horror Story: 1984 has dropped and you're not the only one who got strong Friday The 13th vibes from the clip.

After years and years of waiting, we're finally going to get our long-awaited (and often fan requested) summer camp-themed season. The season will be set in 1984 (...duh) and will feature a very different cast to what we're used to. For the ninth season, there will be no Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will reportedly only be playing a small role in a few episodes.

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While the first teaser trailer doesn't feature any familiar faces from the cast, it does give us our first clear visual of the masked murderer that is set to terrorise Camp Redwood and everyone staying there.

The trailer features a bunch of cars hurtling toward Camp Redwood as they pass a sign that says 'BEWARE'. While they're all popping cans in the back of the truck, the camera pans down to reveal a masked killer with a knife hanging onto the underside of the car.

Then, set to the tune of The Motels' 'Suddenly Last Summer', the killer reappears at the end of the trailer, jumping out from the lake and stabbing a girl on a boat. It's all very Camp Crystal Lake from Friday The 13th but whether or not it ends up being an exact rip of that film remains to be seen. (Knowing Ryan Murphy, there'll be a huge twist in episode 5 that'll throw everything up in the air...)

AHS: 1984 will be fronted by returning actors Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern and Leslie Grossman with Gus Kenworthy, Angelica Ross, DeRon Horton, Matthew Morrison and Zach Villa.

John Carroll Lynch, who played the infamous Twisty the Clown in Freak Show, will also return.

So far, no other names have been announced for the cast and, as always, plot details for the season are under wraps. Filming is also now well underway.

While there's no immediate connection between 1984 and the previous seasons, fans are speculating that Roanoke could be involved thanks to several details seen in the San Diego Comic-Con American Horror Story experience. Honestly? I'm already terrified.

American Horror Story: 1984 will drop on FX on Wednesday 18th September.