Aimee Lou Wood teases The White Lotus season 3 character details with Nicola Coughlan | PopBuzz Meets

8 April 2024, 15:34

Nicola Coughlan & Aimee Lou Wood Interview Each Other

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Aimee Lou Wood and Nicola Coughlan grill each other about Bridgerton, The White Lotus and their new film Seize Them!

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Two queens, Nicola Coughlan and Aimee Lou Wood, stand before me.

Unlike Drag Race, we won't be making them lip sync for their lives BUT we have asked them to interview each other about their new film, SEIZE THEM!

Billed as a "comedy road movie set in the dark ages", it follows Queen Dagan (Aimee), an egotistical yet lonely monarch, whose reign is toppled by the charismatic Humble Joan (Nicola).

Now a fugitive with a hefty bounty on her head, the Queen embarks on a quest to regain the throne with the help of Shulmay (Lolly Adefope), a castle worker with mysterious motives, and Bobik (Nick Frost), a shit shoveler who dreams of a grander life. Her new friends and wild adventures make her question the kind of Queen she wants to be. SEIZE THEM! is out in cinemas now.

To celebrate the film's release, we invited Aimee and Nicola to quiz each other on all things SEIZE THEM!, as well as their respective upcoming roles in The White Lotus and Bridgerton.

Hit play on the video at the top of this page to watch the full interview. You can also read a short extract after the jump.

Seize Them! | Official Trailer | In UK and Irish Cinemas APRIL 5

Nicola Coughlan: Aimee, you were recently cast in the new season of The White Lotus. No doubt you’ve been sworn to secrecy but as your friend and scene partner I’m sure you’ll definitely make an exception for me: tell me one thing about the upcoming series that you haven’t told anyone else yet.

Aimee Lou Wood: Oh my god. Oh my god.

NC: Have you read it? Have you read it all?

ALW: I don't think I'm allowed. I've signed so many things. I've read it, and it's really good.

NC: I hope you don't die, thats all I will say. I just don't want them to kill you.

ALW: He's very brave with that, Mike White. He just builds like a great character and I think that is really bold [to kill them off]

NC: Oh! I know what I can ask that wouldn't be spoilery...


NC: Did you read a line of yours that's going to be an iconic line, something like, 'These gays, they're trying to murder me'?

ALW: She has some great lines.

NC: I am going to be so excited to watch this.

ALW: But it's kind of...I would just say it's..lots of them are things I have said in real life

NC: So she's like you, the character?

ALW: A bit, yes.

NC: I'm absolutely thrilled by this.

ALW: The new season of Bridgerton will focus on your character’s romance with Colin Bridgerton. No doubt you have also been sworn to secrecy but as your friend and scene partner I’m sure you’ll make an exception for me, too. Tell me one thing about the upcoming series that you haven’t told anyone else yet.

NC: I always wear massive joggers under my dresses.

ALW: Do you?

NC: Because it's really freezing cold! So we'll be shooting the most romantic scene in the world and I'll fully have joggers and Uggs on.

ALW: I love that.