9 huge differences between the After movies and the books

23 October 2020, 17:20

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

After and After We Collided are both very different to the books they were based on.

After may be one of the biggest film franchises in recent memory but the hit movies are based on even more popular books.

Today (Oct 23), the After sequel, After We Collided, was released in cinemas in the US and on video-demand worldwide. The film takes off right where the original movie ended. We learn what happens to Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), after she finds out about the bet. Tessa also meets a new potential love-interest: Trevor (Dylan Sprouse).

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Just like the first film though, there are some major differences between After We Collided and the book it's based on. With that in mind, here's a list of just a few of the biggest changes that were made between the After movies and the books.

After We Collided: All the movie and book differences
After We Collided: All the movie and book differences. Picture: Offspring Entertainment

1) Hardin is much less violent in the movies.

In the books, Hardin is much more aggressive. He's violent and he swears a lot. Given that Hardin was originally inspired by Harry Styles, the novels were heavily criticised for wrongly suggesting that the One Direction star is abusive. In response to the backlash, Anna Todd and the people behind the film decided to make Hardin much more approachable on screen.

2) Carol is more of a villain figure in the books.

Much like Hardin, Carol's characterisation is very different in the movies. Instead of being a toxic mother figure, she's made out to be loving and caring. It's unclear if this will change in future films but, for now, movie Carol is much nicer than book Carol.

3) Tristan is a boy in the books.

Yes. You heard that correctly. Tristan may be played by Pia Mia in the films but, in the books, she's a guy. Tristan is Tessa's roommate, Steph's, girlfriend in the movies and her boyfriend in the books. Anna Todd decided it was important to make Tristan a girl in the movies for LGBTQ+ representation.


4) The sex scenes are more graphic in the books.

You think that the movies are steamy? Try reading the books. After We Collided is much more explicit than After but thinks had to be toned down in both movies to make them more commercial.

5) In the After book, it's clearer that Hardin and Tessa breakup.

The first movie ends with viewers unsure whether or not Tessa will take Hardin back. In the book, there's no question to it. Tessa is done with Hardin's bullshit until things change in After We Collided.

6) The bet is different in the film to the books.

In the movie, unbeknownst to Tessa, Hardin is dared to make her fall in love with him and then break up with her. However, in the books, he is dared to take her virginity.


7) Hardin keeps his used condom in the books.

We told you Hardin was awful in the books. He literally keeps his used condom and his bloody sheets from having sex with Tessa for the first time as a keepsake to prove he won his bet.

8) Zed appears much less in the After movies.

In the After books, Zed plays a much bigger role as we find out about his feelings for Tessa. In the movies, he's given less screen time. The story revolves much more around the love triangle between Hardin, Tessa and Trevor.

9) 'Fucking Trevor' is only said once in After We Collided.

In the After We Collided book, Trevor is referred to as "Fucking Trevor" multiple times. However, in the After We Collided movie, there's just one scene in which Hardin says it.

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