The Kissing Booth 3: Do Elle and Noah end up together?

11 August 2021, 12:10

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Are Elle and Noah still together at the end of The Kissing Booth? Here's what happens to the two characters and how the ending hints at their future.

Well, it's here: The end of The Kissing Booth era, and it's time for Elle Evans' big decision about college and Noah Flynn.

The Kissing Booth 3 picks up pretty soon after the events of The Kissing Booth 2. After graduating high school, Elle (Joey King) and Lee (Joel Courtney) along with Noah (Jacob Elordi) and Rachel (Meganne Young), head to the Flynn's beach house to spend one last summer together before they all head off to college.

But there's a heavy decision weighing on Elle's mind which, along with the Beach House Bucket List, takes centre stage in the film. Where does Elle eventually choose to go to college? And does she end up still dating Noah?

Obviously, this article will break down the ending of The Kissing Booth 3 so if you haven't finished watching the movie just yet, bookmark it and save it for later. If you have, let's go ahead and talk about The Kissing Booth 3's ending and how it wrapped up Elle and Noah's romance.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Kissing Booth 3's ending! Don't read on if you haven't finished the film!

The Kissing Booth 3: Do Elle and Noah end up together?
The Kissing Booth 3: Do Elle and Noah end up together? Picture: Netflix

Do Elle and Noah end up together in The Kissing Booth 3?

Early on in the film, we see Elle reveal to Noah that she had accepted the offer to study at Harvard University. The two are set to spend their college years together but, after she bumps into Marco while spending time with Noah at the beach house, Elle and Noah's little love bubble begins to deflate.

Noah and Marco come to blows during a beach volleyball game, with Marco punching Noah in the face. Noah drives off, angry at Elle for letting Marco back into their lives, and Elle catches up with him under the Hollywood sign. The two have an emotional chat and end up breaking up.

Noah tells Elle that they've tried really hard at making their relationship work but he feels responsible for influencing her to choose Harvard instead of her dream school Berkeley. He ultimately decides to break up with Elle, saying: "I do love you, but maybe sometimes loving each other just isn't enough."

Elle and Noah say goodbye before he leaves for college. They're on good terms but they're both sorry that things didn't work out. As they hug goodbye, Noah says: "Don't forget me, okay?"

Elle and Noah share a moment in The Kissing Booth 3
Elle and Noah share a moment in The Kissing Booth 3. Picture: Netflix

At the end of the film, we flash forward six years later. A now-engaged Lee and Rachel meet up with Elle, who ends up seeing Noah again for the very first time, at the same Kissing Booth spot where they had their first kiss. They agree to meet up again the next time Noah is back in town, and he promises to call her.

They aren't officially back together as the credits roll, but it's very much implied that they still have feelings for each other, and the door is still open for them to reunite as twenty-something adults. The final shot of the film shows them riding together, on their own motorbikes.

Do Elle and Noah end up together?
Do Elle and Noah end up together? Picture: Netflix

Where does Elle decide to go to college?

After breaking up with Noah, Elle has a heart-to-heart with Noah and Lee's mum and decides to go to a college that would benefit her. One that's not based on her promise with Lee, or her relationship with Noah. Eventually, Elle ends up getting into University of Southern California.

For a more detailed explanation of why Elle decided to change her mind completely, click here to read about The Kissing Booth 3 ending in detail.

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