Which Shops Are Likely To Re-Open First After Coronavirus Lockdown Ends?

27 April 2020, 12:14

Certain stores will be re-opened to save the economy
Certain stores will be re-opened to save the economy when lockdown restrictions are lifted. Picture: PA

The UK has seen numerous non-essential shops close during the coronavirus pandemic, but which ones are likely to re-open when the lockdown is lifted?

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused non-essential shops to close around the UK during the lockdown period - which Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now confirmed we need to continue - in order to comply with the government’s guidelines for social distancing.

Most people are currently working from home, with key workers being the exception, meaning supermarkets are still the main shop to be kept open.

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But which others are likely to re-open first when the lockdown restrictions end?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses the nation after returning to work

Which shops are likely to re-open first after lockdown?

Estate agents, coffee shops and restaurants are likely to open their doors first, according to a report seen by a tabloid.

The report, which was compiled by Conservative peer Lord Gadhia and GlaxoSmithKline chairman Sir Jonathan Symonds, explains these stores will be re-opened to save the economy.

"The initial focus for reopening the economy should be on sectors that have the greatest multiplier effects with minimum risks,” the report reads.

It also explains that revamps would need to be put in place to ensure that social distancing is practised correctly, such as installing big screens or distancing between tables.

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A number of fast-food restaurants are looking to find ways to reopen for business during the pandemic.

KFC has reopened 11 takeaway-only chains already.

Burger King is set to be next as they’ve announced four of their sites will be taking orders - two in Bristol, one in Swindon and one in Coventry.

The report went on to add that Primary schools are likely to be the first in education to see kids go back to normal as ‘releasing’ the younger generation back into the economy is said to be essential.

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