5 Of The Most Instagrammable Christmas Gifts For 2018

13 December 2018, 14:55 | Updated: 20 December 2018, 12:10

'Tis the season to shop!
'Tis the season to shop! Picture: getty

Christmas shopping has never been easier thanks to eBay.

You can just click your fingers (well, your mouse) and have all your gifts delivered to your door. Easy. But what do you buy? Here's 5 of the most Instagrammable ideas to help you out.

Hollywood LED lightbulb mirror

Tis’ the season to feel fabulous so why not treat a loved one (or your damn self) to a stunning LED lightbulb mirror. Not only will you be made to feel like the superstar you really are while you’re getting ready, but you’ll also be able to snap the perfect selfie (or 10) in it when you’re done. Win/Win.


Christmas PJs

Nothing quite says it’s Christmas like a pair of festive PJs! After all, isn’t the whole point of Christmas that you get to lie on the sofa in your pyjamas past midday with a tin of Celebrations watching The Santa Claus movies?! Nobody can judge you because… IT’S CHRISTMAS!


Bath bombs

If there’s one thing you can’t beat on a chilly winter night, it’s a boiling hot bubble bath. And with it being Christmas and all, why bathe in plain white bubbles when you can do it in pink, purple, glittery ones!


Make-up palettes

Whether you're heading out to spend the day at the Christmas markets, or for mulled wine in a cosy pub, you better make sure you do it with a shimmery, smoky eye because... it's Christmas!


Pretty trainers

Just think how much longer you'll be able to carry on dancing at your Christmas party in a pair of trainers. Sporty Spice was really on to something back in the day. Plus, with so many pretty colours to choose from you'll look fabulous. You know it makes sense.