Capital Summertime Ball 2022 Digital Collectibles - FAQs

9 June 2022, 06:00 | Updated: 12 June 2022, 22:50

Capital Summertime Ball NFT FAQs
Capital Summertime Ball NFT FAQs. Picture: Global
Capital FM

By Capital FM

Here are the FAQs for Capital Summertime Ball 2022's Digital Collectibles.

What is a Digital Collectible?

A digital collectible, sometimes known as an ‘NFT’ (Non-fungible Token) is a unique digital asset where the ownership is tracked on the blockchain. Digital collectibles are minted (like with coins) and so each one is unique which means they are extremely secure. Think of it like a piece of exclusive memorabilia that comes with a certificate of authenticity. Digital collectibles can be bought and sold, just like any physical collectible, but the data that sits behind them is what makes them super-easy to verify their validity.

What are Capital’s Summertime Ball Digital Collectibles?

Exclusive to Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022, Capital is dropping it’s first ever edition of digital collectibles. Each digital collectible is minted and is a uniquely numbered piece of digital art. The digital collectible displays Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 logo on the front and has the artist line-up and event date and venue on the back.

There are four tiers of Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 digital collectible, and each comes with different perks. You can see the full breakdown of tiers, availability, costs and benefits below.

What are the different Tiers available for Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 Digital Collectible?

Tier Name - No. Available - Cost - Benefits


  • 2,000 - $12.50 - Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 Gold Digital Collectible


  • 20 - $620 - Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 Platinum Digital Collectible
  • 2 x Capital’s Summertime Ball 2023 Tickets (Golden Circle Standing, 18+ Only)


  • 5 - $1,250 - Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 Diamond Digital Collectible
  • 4 x Capital’s Summertime Ball 2023 Tickets (Level 1, Seated)

Diamond (VIP Edition):

  • 28 x (1of1s) - N/A - Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 Artist Edition Digital Collectible

What is OneOf?

OneOf is a platform which connects fans and collectors with their favourite music artists and brands. The platform simplifies the purchase of digital collectibles meaning that you don’t need a crypto wallet to purchase and can buy easily using just a credit or debit card. Additionally, OneOf mints on the Tezos and Polygon blockchains meaning they use significantly less energy and don’t charge anything extra for the gas fees when minting the digital collectible.

Do I need a Crypto Wallet to buy Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 Digital Collectibles?

No, you can buy Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 digital collectibles with a standard credit or debit card, however you can still transfer your digital collectible to your crypto wallet (if you have one) 30 days after you have purchased.

Can I only buy Capital’s Summertime Ball 2022 Digital Collectibles in Dollars?

Yes, for now our digital collectibles are only available to buy in dollars.

If I buy a Platinum or Diamond Tier Digital Collectible, how do I get my tickets?

If you buy a Platinum or Diamond tier digital collectible, you will also get tickets to Capital’s Summertime Ball 2023. You can find the T&Cs below. We will transfer the tickets to Capital’s Summertime Ball 2023 to the holder of the digital collectible 7 days before the event in 2023 via the OneOf Vault, together with information about redemption, timing and process. You will need to make sure that your digital collectible is located on the OneOf platform in order to receive your tickets. Once the holder of the digital collectible has redeemed their tickets, the tickets will no longer be a benefit of that digital collectible.

Can I resell my Digital Collectible?

As with any physical memorabilia, digital collectibles can be sold immediately via OneOf or on other marketplaces 30 days after purchase, however if the digital collectible you are selling has tickets to Capital’s Summertime Ball 2023 associated with it, the tickets will be sent to whoever has ownership of the digital collectible 7 days before the event, whereupon they will then cease to be associated with that digital collectible.

Is there any risk to me buying a digital collectible?

Investing in NFTs and other cryptoassets  like Capital’s Summertime Ball digital collectible can be considered high risk and speculative. The markets can be volatile and as blockchain technology is still in its very early stages of development, the use of the technology associated with it can often come with high risk. You may wish to consult with a qualified professional before making any financial decisions.