Capital Breakfast's Pete Carries The Olympic Torch

Capital Breakfast presenter Pete carried the torch on Tuesday July 3rd during its journey from Leicester to Peterborough.

The Olympic Torch Relay sees an average of 115 Torchbearers per day carry the Flame before it arrives at the Olympic Stadium on July 27th for the Opening Ceremony.

The iconic torch will began its journey on July 3rd in Leicester at 7.12am before making its way to the likes of Loughborough and Hoton and arriving in Asfordby for 11.52pm.

That's when Capital Breakfast's Pete ran the 300m relay!

It was then carried through the likes of Oakham and Uppingham before being paraded in Peterborough at around 6.35pm.

The route was as follows:

Tuesday July 3rd
07:12 - Leicester
08:57 - Quorn
09:09 - Loughborough
11:20 - Hoton
11:30 - Wymeswold
11:52 - Asfordby
12:06 - Melton Mowbray
14:18 - Langham
14:29 - Oakham
14:54 - Whitwell Harbour
16:15 - Uppingham
16:45 - Stamford
18:35 - Peterborough
pete allen carries olympic torch

pete allen carries olympic torch

pete allen carries olympic torch

For the latest pictures of the relay CLICK HERE.