8 Times Fans Have Screamed Along To Their Fave Pop Star And Been Total #CrowdGoals!

30 May 2018, 15:28 | Updated: 22 August 2018, 14:22

Selena Gomez Crowd

To celebrate Global's Make Some Noise we've taken a look at some of the ultimate CrowdGoals moments from the last few years. Grab your hairbrush and get ready to scream along!

1. 5SOS - Amnesia 

This song was just made for scream-crying to.


2. Little Mix - Wings

It was pretty hard to choose which Little Mix clip to go with tbh - these girls know how to get a crowd going!


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3. Shawn Mendes - Life Of The Party

Recently filmed in Madison Square Gardens, you can barely even hear Shawn! 


4. Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill

Fingers in your ears people - these lot are screamers! 


5. One Direction - Little Things

Sorry but how cute is it when Niall has to momentarily stop because he's smiling at the crowd so much? 


6. Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly

Taylor may as well go home tbh - these fans have got it DOWN. 


7. The Vamps - Last Night

The moment Brad steps back to reveal the crowd tho...


8. Selena Gomez - Who Says

This is probably our fav of the lot - poor Selena is SO overcome with emotion from her fans it's adorable. 


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