Too Hot To Handle cast play Honest Opinions Only | PopBuzz Meets

1 July 2021, 16:57

Too Hot To Handle Cast Reveal Which Rules They Broke Without Getting Caught By Lana | PopBuzz Meets

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

What do the Too Hot to Handle contestants REALLY think of each other? It's time to find out.

Too Hot to Handle season 2 is finally here and we caught up with the cast to find out what REALLY happened on the show.

The concept of Too Hot to Handle is simple. An array of sexy singletons are taken to a secret location where they are unable to kiss, have sexual contact or masturbate. If they break the rules, money is deducted from the collective prize which starts at $100,000. The beloved series is also hosted by a virtual assistant named Lana who keeps all of the contestants in line.

In honour of the new season, we got Marvin, Melinda, Chase, Carly and Cam and Emily to play Honest Opinions Only with our very own, virtual assistant named Alan, and they let slip loads of exclusive gossip and information about the season.

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Too Hot To Handle season two
Too Hot To Handle season two. Picture: Netflix

So, what did Alan find out, exactly? Well, did any of the contestants break the rules without Lana catching them? It turns out that Marvin, Melinda, Chase, Carly and Cam and Emily all managed to get it on at some point without Lana noticing them. Cam said: "Lana doesn't see all you know." and Carly said: "Yes" but revealed that it wasn't actually with Chase.

In a game of Snog Marry Avoid with the cast members, Chase also said that he would: "Snog Carly, avoid Larissa and marry Marvin". Meanwhile, Carly said that she would: "Snog Chase, avoid Kayla and marry Tabitha". As for who the contestants, would personally kick out of the competition, Melinda said Christina, Marvin said Peter and Emily said Marvin.

Who was the most likely to break the rules? Who was the most dishonest? Who was the biggest cockblock? It's safe to say that the cast did NOT hold back. Hit play on the video at the top of this page to find out or head over to the PopBuzz YouTube channel.