Star Wars' Naomi Ackie and Kelly Marie Tran Do C-3PO impressions | PopBuzz Meets

23 December 2019, 15:55

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Can Naomi and Kelly beat Daisy Ridley's score from 2017?

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Please welcome to the stage, two worthy contenders for Daisy Ridley's Star Wars quiz crown... Kelly Marie Tran and Naomi Ackie!

Yes, it's here. The final episode. The Rise of Skywalker. And to be honest, there was only ever gonna be one thing we were going to do with the cast, wasn't there? It's the Most Impossible Star Wars quiz.

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Back in 2017, we spoke to Daisy "The Riddler" Ridley and challenged her to complete an Impossible Star Wars quiz. The questions were, as you should bloody well know by now, absolutely ridiculous but with a few hints and multiple choice answers, she smashed it.

Ahead of the release of The Rise of Skywalker, we thought we'd challenge Kelly and Naomi to the same quiz (with a few question alterations) and they proved their God damn worth. (No Star Wars theme tune on the kazoo this time though, sorry about it.)

Naomi Ackie and Kelly Marie Tran take on the Most Impossible Star Wars quiz
Naomi Ackie and Kelly Marie Tran take on the Most Impossible Star Wars quiz. Picture: PopBuzz

Kelly and Naomi, who play Rose Tico and new character Jannah respectively in the film, managed to do pretty damn well. But do you think you could match their score? Or even do better?

Play along with the quiz, if you want. Answer the questions below before you hit play on the video at the top of the page. And uhhh, may the force be with you, I guess.

Question 1) In the final trailer for 'The Rise of Skywalker', who is the first character we see on screen? (For a bonus point, who is the second character we see in the trailer?)

Question 2) What is the longest Star Wars movie?

Question 3) Which actor has appeared in every single Star Wars film?

Question 4) In 30 seconds, name all the Star Wars films, from episode 1 to 9, in order.

(As mentioned in the video, we were also meant to speak to John Boyega too but he was sick so he was unable to take part in the quiz. We're gonna give him 3 points anyway. For existing. Congrats to you, John. Hope you feel better.)