WATCH: Leslie Mann Describes John Cena's Butt In Graphic Detail And It's HILARIOUS

16 March 2018, 15:56

Leslie Mann, John Cena
Leslie Mann, John Cena. Picture: PopBuzz
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The soon to be infamous 'butt-chugging' scene apparently took over six hours to film.

We recently caught up with two of the stars of the hilarious new movie Blockers to talk everything from acting electrocuted to the very idea of cock-blocking itself.

Blockers - Official Trailer (HD)

(Trust us, it is really great).

But the biggest point of conversation was the soon to be infamous 'butt-chugging' scene which, for those of you lucky enough to be unclear, is the act of consuming beer via your bum.

However, Leslie Mann's biggest takeaway from shooting that particular scene was the muscular shape of her co-stars rear end - and his complete lack of embarassment in having to show it off.

John Cena - what a pro.

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Blockers is in UK cinemas from March 30th.