Rising star JESSIA reveals her three favourite songs of all time | My Life In 20

11 February 2021, 16:50

JESSIA - My Life in 20
JESSIA - My Life in 20. Picture: JESSIA Music
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

JESSIA reveals all in My Life In 20.

It might only be February but 2021 has already been a big year for rising pop star JESSIA.

The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter is currently unsigned but has made a huge splash thanks to her latest single ‘I’m Not Pretty’, which has become a body positivity anthem for Gen Z'ers, especially on TikTok.

Written in collaboration with producer Elijah Woods, with parts of the songwriting process documented on their TikTok feeds in real time, the song has struck a chord with people who have struggled with their body image.

It’s not hard to see why. The song is catchy as hell - it only takes one listen for the chorus line to get stuck on a loop in your head - but the lyrics pack a punch too. In the first verse, JESSIA sings: “Know I shouldn't hurt myself but I can't find way to lose weight without literally starving." Now, JESSIA's comments are flooded with people sharing their own stories about their journey to self-acceptance.

Aided by prominent placements on 'Today’s Top Hits' and 'Pop Rising' playlists, 'I'm Not Pretty' has now hit 18 million plays on Spotify, and it looks like JESSIA is well on her way to establishing herself as one of the breakout stars of 2021. You simply love to see it.

Below, JESSIA answers our 'My Life In 20' questions so we can get to know the future hitmaker a little better.

20) What did you learn about yourself in 2020?

That I am smart and I actually do know what I want, and that I am the only one who is stopping myself from achieving my dreams. It was a big year!

19) What was your favourite album from 2019?

I discovered Rhys Lewis and I fell in love. His songwriting, his voice, his tastefulness...I could listen to him for years on repeat. He is the reason I didn’t give up on music in 2019. His album songs are like medicine for me.

18) What was the most important thing to happen in your life when you were 18? And how did it impact you?

Hmmm I was the runner up in a province-wide singing competition. It was a small success but it made me think that I might have a shot at being a singer one day.

17) Who was your crush at 17?

I wanna say Justin Bieber...because I’m a sucker for talent and he is insanely talented at his craft. Plus he’s a fellow Canadian!

16) What can you remember about your 16t​h ​birthday?

My mom and I went to LA and we had the time of our lives! We went to Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive...y'know, all the “must sees”.

JESSIA - I'm Not Pretty
JESSIA - I'm Not Pretty. Picture: JESSIA Music

15) What did you ​hate​ at 15 which you ​love​ now?

Sushi! I couldn’t stand it and now it is all that I live for. I could eat sushi all day now.

14) What TV show were you obsessed with at 14?

I wanna say I was just getting into Family Guy at that point. My friends and I would quote it ALL the time!

13) 13 is unlucky for some. Do you have anything that you’re superstitious about?

I’m always scared that if I have a good dress rehearsal that the actual show will be bad, so I am always praying that the dress rehearsal goes terribly wrong. I know this isn't healthy but what can ya do?

12) If you could live the life of any other person for 12 hours, who would you be?

Probably Beyoncé! Like what is it like being Queen B? What does her day to day even look like?

11) Who was your best friend when you were 11?

This sweet girl named Katie. We were inseparable.

10) Where do you hope you'll be in ten years’ time?

Still writing music in a house by a beach somewhere.

9) What was your biggest fear when you were 9?

The werewolf from Harry Potter. I. Was. Terrified. Now I can’t watch movies with werewolves cause it still freaks me out too much.

8) When you were 8, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Britney Spears.

7) Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of?

Probably gluttony? There is nothing like finishing an entire bag of white cheddar smart pop in one sitting.

6) You can invite six people to your dream dinner party (dead or alive), who would you invite?

Harry Styles, Sia, Meghan Markle, Amy Winehouse, Chris Martin and Meryl Streep.

5) Name five things you can't live without.

My family, my phone (sadly), avocados, music, travel.

4) Describe yourself in four words.

Oooo thats a tough request. Loud, determined, genuine, introspective.

3) Your top three songs of all time.

Billy Joel - 'Vienna', Paramore - 'Only Exception' and Amber Run - 'Haze'.

2) Can you love two people at the same time?

Not sure...never tried it.

1) What or who is your one true love?

I’m gunna have to go with sushi on this one.

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