EXCLUSIVE: Frank Iero Picks His Favourite Songs Of The Year In Our '2017 Playlist'

30 October 2017, 11:49

Frank Iero

By James Wilson-Taylor

From Metallica to Kendrick Lamar, here is what Frank has been jamming to so far this year.

With a brand new EP and fresh off his sell-out UK tour, we caught up with Frank Iero to talk through the year in music and what he likes to listen to when he's on the road.

So, want to know which track he would nail at karaoke? Or which tune is perfect for crying to?

Check out all of Frank's music choices below:


Frank Iero's 'Songs Of 2017' Playlist

Song Of The Summer: 'So Busted' by Culture Abuse


Best Guitar Solo of 2017: 'Manunkind' by Metallica…nov 2016 still counts as 2017 right?


Dancefloor Banger: 'DNA' by Kendrick Lamar


Fave New Band Of The Year: WALL


Song You’re Most Embarrassed About Loving: I'm not embarrassed by things I enjoy.

Song You Wish You'd Written: 'Mexican Fender' by Weezer


Best Song To Have A Little Cry To: 'Do You Still Love Me?' by Ryan Adams


Best Collab: 'Hey Kids' by Run The Jewels feat Danny Brown


Song You Would Nail At Karaoke: 'Kick Out The Jams' by MC5

(PopBuzz - It was released in 1969 but f*ck it, we'll allow it).


Full Album You Can't Stop Playing: Normal By The Homeless Gospel Choir


Classic From Yesteryear You Keep Playing This Year Anyway: 'It Tears Me Up' by Percy Sledge

One Of Your Own Songs We All Have To Listen To: 'BFF'


Top 3 Results In The 'Most Played Tracks' List On Your Phone/Spotify/Whatever You Use To Listen To Music:

'Into My Arms' by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


'Secret Society' by Title Fight


'Bullet' by The Misfits


Frank Iero & The Patience's new EP 'Keep The Coffins Coming' is out now via Hassle Records.